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2020.11.05 07:55 foxypandas420 Matching Dating Sim

Hiya there, long time anon lurker first time poster ive been racking my brain trying to figure out this assignment/project I have to do
any insights or well in depth help would be nice
Matching Project in C++
Your company has decided to diversify into matchmaking. As a first step, it is offering a service to pair people for a first date and asked you to write the software for the pairing. Initial requirements are relatively simple:

* Pairing will be between males and females only for now.
* Each profile will specify the user's **id** along with attributes **country**, **diet**, **drinking**, **gender**, **language**, **religion**, and **smoking**.
* The company expects each user to prefer to be paired with users sharing the attributes. E.g., a user from USA will want to be paired with another also from USA.
* The importance a user gives to a match on an attribute is indicated in an accompanied weight value. E.g., for country, you may get a tuple (USA, 0.340077), which specifies that the user is from USA and that the match is worth 0.340077 to him/her.
* The company calculates a compatibility score for each pair by combining the user weights for each matching attribute. E,g, if user A matches with B on country and they assign weights 0.3 and 0.4 respectively for it, they will contribute a value of 0.7 to the score (0 if they don't match).

Your job is to pair each male with a female for their first date so the pairs represent the most compatible matching across all the users. The logic is to be placed in **Match::pairs()** in **match/match.cpp**, and you need to write unit tests for it in **test/match_test.cpp**.

The *data* package provides a **profiles()** function that you can use to get a list of randomly generated profiles - you are guaranteed to get half males and half females. For this project, pair 100 users (50 males with 50 females). Use this data to create a report pairing each male's **id** (first column) with the matching female's **id**, along with the compatibility score. Sort these in the alphabetical order of the male **id**.

Only edit the files match/match.cpp (the logic that implements the match), test/match_test.cpp (the unit tests), and report.cpp (the integration test that tests the whole thing with 100 users and prints a report as explained in README)
You can run the unit tests with bazel test test/match_test - note that this will pass right away because there is nothing being tested, you will need to add your own tests that check all the requirements stated in the README or you will NOT get credit
Run the integration test with bazel run report - I put in some placeholder code to give you an idea of how to print tabulated data as asked in the README

#ifndef DATA_DATA_H_
#define DATA_DATA_H_
enum Country {

enum Diet {

enum Gender {

enum Language {

enum Religion {

struct Profile {
uint32_t id;
Gender gender;
std::tuple country;
std::tuple diet;
std::tuple drinking;
std::tuple language;
std::tuple religion;
std::tuple smoking;

std::vector profiles(uint16_t count);



#ifndef MATCH_MATCH_H_
#define MATCH_MATCH_H_

#include "data/data.h"

class Match {
static std::map pairs(std::vector &);



#include "data/data.h"

#define WEIGHT (static_cast(std::rand()) / RAND_MAX)

std::vector profiles(uint16_t count) {
std::vector profiles;

Gender gender = FEMALE;
for (uint16_t i = 0; i < count; ++i) {
std::rand() % 900000U + 100000,
gender = gender == MALE ? FEMALE : MALE,
{static_cast(std::rand() % 3), WEIGHT},
{static_cast(std::rand() % 4), WEIGHT},
{std::rand() % 2 > 0, WEIGHT},
{static_cast(std::rand() % 3), WEIGHT},
{static_cast(std::rand() % 3), WEIGHT},
{std::rand() % 2 > 0, WEIGHT}

return profiles;

#include "data/data.h"
#include "match/match.h"

int main() {
std::vector up = profiles(10);
for (auto p : up) {
printf("%d, %d: %f, %d: %f, %d: %f, %d: %f, %d: %f, %d: %f\n",,
std::get<0>(, std::get<1>(,
std::get<0>(, std::get<1>(,
std::get<0>(p.drinking), std::get<1>(p.drinking),
p.gender, 0.0,
std::get<0>(p.language), std::get<1>(p.language),
std::get<0>(p.religion), std::get<1>(p.religion),
std::get<0>(p.smoking), std::get<1>(p.smoking));
blank -Enter logic here test/match_test.cpp blank - Enter logic here
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2020.08.28 18:13 HaulA28Augl Ginger G-ay Catholic Da-ting Fin-d

Ginger G-ay Catholic Da-ting Fin-d
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2020.01.14 20:12 bikingfencer Daniel 1 - vegans!

Chapter One - The grace of DahNeeYay’L [“My Judge is God”, Daniel] and his friends  
“This chapter is in Hebrew and is a general introduction to the stories given in Aramaic in chs. [chapters] 2-6, and indeed to the whole book, since the visions of chs. 7-12 assume the presence of Daniel at court.” (Jeffery, 1956, p. VI 360)  
-1. In year three to [the] kingship [of] YeHO-YahQeeYM [“YHVH Will Raise”], king [of] YeHOo-DaH [“YHVH Knew”], came NeBOoKhahDNeh’-TsahR, king of BahBehL [to] Jerusalem.
“This king was raised to the throne of Judea in the place of his brother Jehoahaz by Pharaoh-necho, king of Egypt, 2 Kings xxiii, 34-36, and continued tributary to him during the first three years of his reign: but in the fourth, which was the first of Nebuchadnezzar, Jer. [Jeremiah] xxv, 1, Nebuchadnezzar completely defeated the Egyptian army near the Euphrates, Jer. xlvi,2; and this victory put the neighbouring countries of Syria (among which Judea was the chief,) under the Chaldean government. Thus Jehoiakim, who had first been tributary to Egypt, became now the vassal of the king of Babylon, 2 Kings xxiv, 1.  
“At the end of three years Jehoiakim rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar, who, then occupied with other wars, did not proceed against Jerusalem till three years after, which was the eleventh and last of Jehoiakim; 2 Kings xxiii, 36. “There are some difficulties in the chronology of this place.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. IV 301)  
“Jehoiakim reigned from 608 to 597 B.C., so that the third year of his reign would be 606. Nebuchadrezzar did not become king until 605, i.e. [in other words], in Jehoiakim’s fourth year (Jer. 25:1), and it was not until some four years later that he subdued Jehoiakim, making him tributary for three years (II Kings 24:1), and still later in 597, after Jehoiakim’s death, that he besieged Jerusalem (II Kings 24:10-15).  
“The date at the head of this chapter results from a combination of II Kings 24:1-2 with II Chr. [Chronicles] 36:5-8. Jeremiah’s references to the fourth and fifth years of Jehoiakim (25:1, 9 ff. [and following]; 36:9, 29) and his elegy in ch. 22 know nothing of this king having fallen into the hands of Nebuchadrezzar in the third year of his reign. We know from II Kings 24 that Jehoiakim did later become subject to Nebuchadrezzar for three years and then rebelled, bringing on himself attacks from surrounding peoples subject to the king of Babylon. After his death, however, when his son Jehoiachin was reigning, Nebuchadrezzar came and carried off both king and people. Yet there was a tradition of an attack on Jerusalem in the reign of Jehoiakim which we find recorded in II Chr. 36:6-7… The date in the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim was apparently reached by someone who was following the account in II Chronicles, but with an eye on II Kings 24 assumed that the three years mentioned were three years dating from the commencement of Jehoiakim’s reign, and then made the further assumption that the ‘bands of Chaldeans’ mentioned in Kings were a regular army under Nebuchadrezzar. A possible motive for dating the captivity as the third year of Jehoiakim is that it would provide a more exact fulfillment of the seventy years prophesied as the duration of the exile (Jer. 25:11 ff. [and following]; II Chr. 36:21)…  
Nebuchadnezzar: In his own inscriptions he is named Nabū-kudurri-uṣur, which is given correctly as Nebuchadrezzar in Jeremiah and Ezekiel. The later form with n for r has crept in to II Kings and occasionally into Jeremiah, and is usual in such writings as Ezra, Chronicles, and Esther. It is the only form found in Daniel, and is unknown outside the Jewish tradition and writings dependent on it.  
“Nebuchadrezzar succeeded his father Nabopolassar in 605 B.C. and was the most important of the kings of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Though his name appears in these stories many believe that the figure covered by his name is really that of Nabonidus (Nabū-nā’id), the last of the Neo-Babylonian kings and father of that Belshazzar who was governor of Babylon at the time it was conquered by the Persians under Cyrus. Many of the details of these stories do not fit the historical Nebuchadrezzar but do fit admirably with what we know of Nabonidus.” (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 361-362)  
-2. And gave, ‎’‎ahDoNah-eeY [“my Lords”], in[to] his hand, [את, ’ehTh (Nota accusative)] YeHO-YahQeeYM, king [of] YeHOo-DaH,
and a few [ומקצת, OoMeeQTsahTh] utensils of House of the ‘ehLoHeeYM [Gods],
and brought them [to the] land of SheeN`ahR, house of his gods,
and [את, ’ehTh] the utensils were brought [to the] storehouse [of] his gods. ‎ 
“II Kings 24:12-16 relates how at the sack of the city under Jehoiachin in 597 the sacred vessels were taken (cf. [compare with] II Chr. 36:10), but some were left or those taken were replaced, for at the second sack of the city under Zedekiah in 586, sacred vessels were again carried away (II Kings 25:13-17; cf. II Chr. 36:1; Jer. 27:19-20). ‎ 
The house of God… In Daniel, Elohim with the article is used for the true God of Israel as opposed to the false gods of the heathen. The author, like most late writers in the O.T. [Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible], tends to avoid the use of the name Yahweh.  
Brought them: Grammatically the pronoun them ought to refer to the vessels, but since their disposition is presently explained, them must refer to the prisoners.  
Land of Shinar is an archaism. It is the name for Babylonia used in Gen. [Genesis] 10:10; 11:2; 14:9…  
His god: Lit., ‘his gods,’…” (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 363-364)  
-3. And said, the king, to ’ahShPeNahZ, chief [רב,RahB] [of] his eunuchs,
to bring, from sons of YeeSRah-’ayL [“Strove God”, Israel] and from seed [of] the royalty [המלוכה, HahMLOoKhaH] and from [ומן, OoMeeN] the nobles [הפרתמים, HahPahRThahMeeYM];  
“It was customary for a ruler to have as pages in his court youths from the various states subject to him, not only to have them as hostages but to train them to be loyal vassals. The custom continued into Hellenistic and Roman times and in a modified form survived as late as the Turkish sultan’s court at Constantinople… The youths chosen for duty as pages were sometimes made eunuchs, and on the ground that this verse points to the fulfillment of the prophecy in Isa. [Isaiah] 39:71 , earlier exegetes, both Jewish and Christian held that Daniel and his friends were so treated.  
“… Vss. [verses] 2, 6 both speak of Judah, but he word Israelite is used here in the late sense it has in the Chronicler to cover all Jews of whatever tribal affiliation…  
…“The nobility: Partemimis a word used only in Daniel and Esther (cf. Esth. [Esther] 1:3); 6:9)… It is a title of Iranian origin (cf. Old Persian martiya fratamā, ‘foremost men,’ used in the Behistun inscriptions).” (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 364-365)  
-4. boys that have not in them any [כל, KahL] defect [מום, MOoM (qere)],
and are [of] good appearance, and schooled [ומשכילים, OoMahSKeeYLeeYM] in all wisdom,
and knowers of knowledge, and understanders of science,
and that [have] strength in them to stand in [the] temple [of] the king;
and learn them account and tongue [of] KahSDeeYM.  
To serve: Lit., to stand. It is an expression commonly used in connection with court service… The writer means his audience to understand that these youths are to be trained as members of the corps of court pages called sōmatophylakēs in Esdras 3:4.  
Palace: Hêkhal in the O.T. is generally a temple, but, like the Akkadian ēkallu, it can be used for a royal palace… The court language under Nebuchadrezzar was that form of Akkadian known as Neo-Babylonian. We gather from Jer. 5:15 that the Babylonian language was unintelligible to Jews…

Letters: Lit. ‘book,’ whence Aq. [Aquil[2 ] βιβλιον [biblion], but here and in the parallel vs. [verse] 17 the word seems to mean, as in Isa 29:11-12, ‘writing’ in the sense of ‘literature’; so the LXX [the Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible] and Theod. [Theodotion3 ] render γραμματα [grammata].  
[I may be stretching etymology into definition a bit too far. In Hebrew, whether one is “telling”, or “counting”, or the noun is “book”, “tale”, “number”, or “account”, the same root is present, ספר, ÇPhR (which may survive into the English cognate “cypher”), so I use “count”, “recount”, “account”.]  
Chaldeans (Kasdȋm; Χακδαιοι [Khakdaioi]): The name derives from the Kaldu, a people who begin to appear in southern Babylonia as early as 1100 B.C. … In 761 B.C. under Merodach Baladan they achieved a temporary conquest of Babylon, and in 625 under Nebuchadrezzar’s father Nabopolassar they succeeded in establishing a Chaldean dynasty which lasted until the Persian conquest. The people continued to maintain their identity long after the dynasty had fallen, for Strabo… records a group of them still living in a district along the Persian Gulf called by their name. The primary significance of the word is thus ethnic…  
Its secondary sense is that of a name for a class of professional wise men. It has this meaning here and in 2:2, 4-5, 10; 4:7 (M.T. [Masoretic Text] 4:4); 5:7, 11; perhaps in 3:8; but nowhere else in the O.T.” (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 365-366)  
-5. And apportioned [וימן, VahYeMahN] to them, the king, a word:
a day in its day from delicacies [מפתבג, MeePahThBahG] [of] the king,
and from wine from his drinks,
and to their growth [ולגדלם, OoLeGaDeLahM], years three.
And at their finish [ומקצתם, OoMeeYQTsahThahM] they will stand before the king.  
“Royal pages live on the royal bounty, so they are assigned a daily ration of food and drink from the royal table… The word used for the food ration, pathbagh, five times in this chapter and in 11:26, is peculiar to Daniel in the O.T. … the word is Iranian; from Iranian it was borrowed into Syriac to mean the kind of dainty food found at the tables of princes, and into Greek where it is used of a special repast said to have been served to Persian kings.” (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 366-367)  
-6. And there were among them from sons of YeHOo-DaH: DahNeeYay’L, HahNahN-YaH, MeeYSha-’ayL, and `ahZahR-YaH.  
-7. And set to them, [the] prince of the eunuchs, names. And he set to DahNeeYay’L BayLTSha’-TsahR, and to HahNahN-YaH ShahDRahKh, and to MeeYSha-‘ayL MaYShahKh, and to ahZahR-YaHahBayD-NeGO.  
Daniel, ‘El has judged’…  
Hananiah, ‘Yah had been gracious,’…  
Mishael, ‘Who is what El is?’… Azariah, ‘Yah has helped,’…  
“The chief eunuch – who here bears the title sar, prince, whereas in vs. 3 he was rabh, ‘great,’ the two titles being apparently synonymous – gave them new names… “It has been pointed out that here the change of name in each instance served to obliterate the name of the Jewish God, whereas each of the new names would seem to be associated with the name of a heathen deity. …  
Belteshazzar is the Akkadian Balāṭsu-uṣur, ‘may he protect his life.’ The Masoretes have pointed the word so as to suggest that it contains the name Bēl and thus agrees with 4:8 (M.T. 4:5), which states that this name contains the name of Nebuchadrezzar’s god. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are all corrupted forms…” (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 367-368)  
-8. And set, DahNeeYay’L, upon his heart, that he would not be defiled [יתגאל, YeeThGah’ahL] in delicacies [of] the king and in wine, his drink,
and he sought from [the] prince [of] the eunuchs that he not be defiled.  
“The author presupposes that this food and drink would be forbidden by Mosaic law, but the only pertinent legislation would be Lev [Leviticus] 11 1-47, part of the Priestly Code, which was probably not promulgated till the end of the 5th cent. [century]. The older dietary laws in the Book of the Covenant (Exod [Exodus] 21-23), in Deut [Deuteronomy], and in the Holiness Code (Lev 17-26), known to the Jews of the 6th cent., were much more liberal.” (Louis F. Hartman, 1990, p. 410)  
“This was not religious asceticism. The youths do not refuse the king’s food because it is dainty but because it might contain something by the eating of which they would, according to Jewish law, become ceremonially defiled. There would be no danger of this if they kept to a vegetarian diet (for the dietary regulation see Lev. 20:24-26).  
“There is ample evidence that pious Jews generally made an effort to carry out the dietary regulations when living in a non-Jewish environment (… Josephus Life 3…). When Antiochus Epiphanes was endeavoring to press his program of Hellenizing the Jews, many came to feel that loyalty to these dietary regulations was of supreme importance, and I Macc. [Maccabees] 1:62-63 even suggests that the eating of unlawful food seemed as serious a crime as idolatry…” (Jeffery, 1956, p. VI 368)  
-9. And gave, the Gods, [את, ’ehTh] DahNeeYay’L to mercy and to compassion before [the] prince [of] the eunuchs.
-10. And said, prince of the eunuchs, to DahNeeYay’L,
“Afraid [ירא, YahRay’], I am, [of] [את, ’ehTh] my lord the king,
that apportions [את, ’ehTh] your food and [את, ’ehTh] your drink;
that to what [if] he see your faces [more] peevish [זעפים, Zah`ahPheeM] than [מן, MeeN] the boys that are as your age,
and you owe [וחיבתם, VeHeeYahBThehM] my head to [the] king?”  
-11. And said, DahNeeYay’L, unto the steward [המלצר, HahMehLTsahR] that had been appointed [by] [the] prince of the eunuchs, upon DahNeeYay’L, HahNahN-YaH, MeeYShah-‘ayL, and `ahZahR-YaH,
-12. “Try [נס, NahÇ], if you please [נא, Nah’], [את, ’ehTh] your slave days ten,
and give to us from vegetables [הזרעים, HahZayRo`eeYM], and we will eat, and water, and we will drink.
-13. And see, before you, our appearance and [the] appearance [of] the boys,
the eaters [of] [את, ’ehTh] delicacies [of] the king,
and as that you see, do with your slave.”  
-14. And he hearkened [וישמע, VahYeeShMah`] to them, to word the this,
and he tried them days ten.
-15. And finished days ten.
Was seen their appearance [to be] good,
and healthier of flesh than [מן, MeeN] all the boys, the eaters [of] [את, ’ehTh] the delicacies [of] the king.
-16. And [so] it was [that] the steward bore off [נשא, NoSay’] the delicacies and wine they drank,
and was given to them vegetables ZayR`oNeeYM.  
Steward: The word melçar occurs only here in the O.T. and has been variously interpreted… it is perhaps best explained from the Semitic root nçr, which would give the meaning ‘guard’ or ‘warden’.  
[It is used in modern Hebrew for “waiter”.]  
“… Vegetables: The Hebrew words in vss. 12, 16 are not the same [ZayRoeeYM* vs.*ZayRoNeeYM], but apparently mean the same thing. (Jeffery, 1956, pp. VI 369-370)  
[Both words appear to have at their root ZaRa` - “to sow”.]  
-17. And the boys, the these four of them, gave to them, the Gods, science and intelligence in every account and wisdom,
and DahNeeYay’L, understanding in every vision and dreams.  
“…to Daniel was given the extra endowment of skill in the interpretation of visions and dreams. Such skill was highly prized in the ancient world. It constituted an important part of the Chaldean wisdom (Diodorus Siculus II. 29. 3), as it had of the Sumerians long before, and as it continues to among the Muslim Arabs. In Egypt, Joseph was given similar skill in dream interpretation…  
“… yet he never receives the power of prophecy. The writer lived in an age when it was recognized that prophecy had ceased, and the sages of Israel were engaged in studying and interpreting the messages of the prophets who had appeared in former times (cf. 9:2; Ecclus. 39:1). Thus the highest praise the writer could bestow upon his hero was to recognize him as the recipient of and interpreter of visions.” (Jeffery, 1956, p. VI 370)  
-18. And to finish of the days that said the king to bring them,
and brought them, prince [of] the eunuchs, before NeBooKhaDNe-TsahR.
-19. And worded with them, the king,
and was not found from all of them like DahNeeYay’L, HahNahN-YaH, MeeYSha-’ayL, and `ahZahR-YaH;
and they stood before the king.
-20. And every word [of] wisdom [of] understanding that sought from them the king,
and he found them ten hands upon all the magicians [החרטמים, HahHahRTooMeeYM], the sorcerers [האשפים, Hah’ahShahPheeYM], who were in all his kingdom.  
“*Ten times better: Lit., ‘ten hands than’ (cf. ‘hand’ used in this sense in Gen. 43:34).  
Magicians: Ḥarṭummȋm, a word which recurs in chs. 2; 4; and 5 and is used for magicians in Gen. 41 and Exod. 7-9. It is probably an Egyptian word meaning a person skilled in the use of hieroglyphs [thus “cartouche”], and thence in the derived sense ‘magician.’ It is used here merely as a familiar name for a particular class of wise men…  
Enchanters: ‘Ashshāphȋm, a word found only in Daniel in the O.T. It is the Akkadian aŝipu, ‘exorcist’… The writer is using the word here without reference to its original meaning and merely as a familiar name for a class of wise men.” (Jeffery, 1956, p. VI 370)  
-21. And there was DahNeeYay’L until year one to KhORehSh the king.  
And Daniel continued: He continued at Babylon till the first year of Cyrus (539/538 B.C.), some seventy years after he had been carried there captive… it is remarkable how little his book has to say about the great and momentous events of the days of Nebuchadrezzar and Cyrus… This in such contrast with the detailed information on contemporary events given by Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and with the detailed information he himself provides for the period of the Diadochi, that the only explanation is that he was himself living under the Diadochi and merely using the setting of the Babylonian court as a literary device.  
…“Cyrus: The Old Persian Kūruš, and in Greek as Κυρος [Kuros].” (Jeffery, 1956, p. VI 372)  
1 Isaiah 39:7 And from you, sons, who go forth from you, whom you conceive, will be taken;
and they will be eunuchs in [the] temple of [the] king of BaBeL.  
2 Aquila "Ponticus" (fl. ‎[flourished]‎ 130 AD) of Sinope (modern day Sinop, Turkey) was a translator of the Old Testament into Greek, proselyte, and disciple of Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph. – Wikipedia  
3 Theodotion was a Hellenistic Jewish scholar, perhaps working in Ephesus, who in ca. AD 150 translated the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Wikipedia   An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible
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2019.12.09 12:49 roadlinktrips Food safari - London Road Link Trips

London is an ideal destination for those who are looking for places for fashion, antiques, crafts or delicious food with a wide range of options to choose from, including high-end boutiques, vast shopping centers and markets. Here is a thing, out of 100 brilliant places to visit in London you will be flabbergasted to know there are twenty thousand restaurants in London. The best of all, eat from around the globe at a range of prices— from the fine restaurants to coolest food trucks, from hole-in-the-wall basement dens to fine dining haunts and much more dotted around this amazing city. I know it’s hard to believe, but don’t miss the chance to this delightful journey of iconic restaurants in London. Once you visit London, escaped the City for a life chewing, guzzle, manducate food safari in London. It’s more difficult to select the best out of all where to eat, where to drink, but you can choose by their splurging flavors Chinese to Mexican, from Israel to the Mediterranean, Japanese to Korean, Authentic American to the royal flavor of Indian cuisine, etc. So, let’s start the journey of the world’s great culinary destination:

Harwood Arms

The Harwood Arms, the only Michelin Starred pub in London serves award-winning food and wine in a casual and relaxed setting. The service is excellent, each dish is beautifully presented and delivered on refined cookery. For the meat lovers, the meat is exquisite and an epic example of perfect broil, plus a pleasant salad of dandelion, gherkin, apple, radish, and parsley is served as an accompaniment. Yummy! After dining at Harwood Arms, how can we forget their signature bowl of warm lemon curd and sherbet doughnuts with whipped cream & heather honey, well worth every bite to ends the food journey to heaven

The Palomar

The Palomar cozy and comfortable vibes attract food lovers around the world. Dining at the Palomar will be going to be a great experience of modern-day Jerusalem inspired food, that’s inspired by Jewish, Arabic and Mediterranean traditions. The food will take you far away with their extraordinarily fresh flavors from Israel and the Mediterranean. There are a handful of dishes that you would love to try, but in my advice, but don’t miss their mouth-wateringly signature dish, the Shakshukit beef and lamb, with pistachios and pine nuts.

Dishoom Shoreditch

This dazzling restaurant is designed in an old post-colonial ‘Irani cafés’ of Bombay. Maybe you wouldn’t like to feast your taste buds with Indian cuisines but believe me, it’s worth visiting this vintage restaurant and try their innovative cocktails and the unique ambiance that’s filled with sumptuous spices. How about Indian inspired breakfast hot chocolate chai, sausage naans and spicy Bombay omelet’s or if you didn’t get time to go for breakfast than you must order the streaky bacon or the chicken ruby curry and lamb chops on your lunch table.

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It’s a stunning restaurant with the 1920s themed dining room, elegant bar with slick service and astonishingly affordable prices. The place is huge as it also encompasses a ground floor cafe, a bar, and a cabaret venue and a lot more but its best to impress your date or looking for some glamorous place to go. Brasserie Zedel itself is a vast basement restaurant where the décor more opulent, which imitates a glamorous Parisian brasserie. They have delicious satisfying dishes from Hurricane cocktail to Soufflé Glacé au Café, Crème Anglaise to start with their bread and the steak haché will the best deal.


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Borough Market

This food safari would be incomplete without visiting the largest and oldest food market in London. This oldest fruit and veg market now has over 100 food stalls dotted around, particularly known for high-quality fresh produce ranges from seasonal produce to international fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, a vast array of cheeses and bakery items, and so much more. It’s more like a wonderland for foodies, places where they can try free samples of delicious food to friendly traders who would love to answer their questions, where the food is sensational that their nose will pick up a hundred different spices blending into a culinary bouquet of aromas. You can eat and buy whatever catches your eye, but in my advice must-try meat pie at Ginger Pig, the Kappacasein cheese toastie, or saucissons at The French Comté or cheddar to stinky cheese or oysters from Richard Haward and the lot more, but that will appeal to most everyone’s palate.

Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market is a fair example of a smaller market featuring plenty of fabulous vendors with high-quality foodstuffs on offer. Some arches have little restaurants in them, while others have stalls line the rest of the space with an eclectic mix of colorful tables and chairs outside in the alley. Stalls are selling old favorites to new styles of foods enough to spoil your taste buds of virtuous vegetarians or confirmed carnivores. The top-notch global food vendors serving everything from cheerful lemon tarts to open-face beetroots, like steak and chips with chimichurri, Chinese dumplings to Belgian waffles, Italian pasta to pastries, and so on. This market has a combination of stalls, under-arch shops, pop-up wine bars, and eateries offer a fresh produce foods that you must try at L’Emporio, St John Bakery, Greek-style dips made with beetroot or avocado, the ubiquitous burger and marinated pork sandwiches to the mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwich loaded with Keens Cheddar, onion and bacon cooked to a lovely crisped, chestnut brown.
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2019.01.20 21:51 NotJ3st3r Monday, January 21st

Today are:

Do you remember your elementary school days? Is there a teacher you particularly liked, whose influence you carry with you until the present day? Elementary School Teacher Day is dedicated to all the teachers that help mold young minds during their formative years. It is a day to thank retired and current elementary school teachers for all they have done to help students.
Elementary schools are part of primary education, and they educate students from about the age of four to eleven, or from pre-kindergarten or kindergarten to fifth grade. Their focus is on socialization and basic academic skills, which are fundamentals that will help students throughout their lives. Most elementary school teachers have a bachelor's or master's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and have classrooms with 20 to 30 students with diverse needs.
Elementary schools originally were synonymous with primary schools and went to grade eight. Following World War I, junior high schools came about, which educated students between their elementary and secondary school years. At that time, elementary schools usually educated students from the age of kindergarten through sixth grade. In the 1960s, a shift from junior high schools to middle schools began, and sixth grade began being included in middle schools. Since then, elementary schools have usually gone through fifth grade.

Sweatpants, which are known as tracksuit bottoms or jogging bottoms in some countries, are celebrated today internationally. They are usually worn for athletic or comfort purposes, and have traditionally not been worn in a work environment. Recently they have started being worn outside of the home for reasons besides athletics. Some have become more fashionable, and have been associated with gym culture and hip-hop culture. They are usually made of cotton or polyester, are baggy, and often have an elastic waistband. They can be any color, but traditionally have been gray. They were introduced in the 1920s by Émile Camuset, the founder of Le Coq Sportif, a sports equipment and clothing company. The original sweatpants were knitted gray jersey pants which were designed to help athletes exercise easier.

Martin Luther Luther King, Jr. Day honors the legacy and celebrates the birthday of the iconic civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. A campaign to create the day started shortly after King's death in 1968. Representative John Conyers (D-MI) and Senator Edward Brooke (R-MA) introduced a bill to make King's birthday a national holiday, and it first came up for a vote in 1979 but fell short. The two main arguments against its creation were that having another paid federal holiday would be too expensive and that honoring a private citizen would go against tradition. Up until that time the only two other figures were honored with a national holiday, George Washington and Christopher Columbus.
The King Center turned to support from the public and corporate community to continue pushing for the day. Stevie Wonder released "Happy Birthday" in 1980 and hosted the Rally For Peace Press Conference in 1981 to encourage the creation of the day. Six million signatures were part of a petition to Congress urging for the day. Ronald Reagan originally opposed the day because of cost concerns, but signed the bill on Nov 2, 1983; it was first observed three years later, on January 20, 1986. All states began observing it in some form by 1991, when New Hampshire abolished Fast Day and started observing Civil Rights Day. If was officially observed by name in all states beginning in 2000, after Utah changed the name of the day from Human Rights Day to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As of 2017, some states combine Martin Luther King Jr. Day with other holidays. Most notably, both Alabama and Mississippi celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert E. Lee's birthdays on the same day. About a third of workers have the day off. Workers from nonprofit organizations are most likely to have non-work days, while those that work in factories and in manufacturing are least likely to have the day off.
The King Holiday and Service Act was co-authored by Representative John Lewis (D-GA) and Senator Harris Wofford (D-PA), who also started the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. The legislation encouraged citizens to transform Martin Luther King, Jr. Day from a day of observance, to a day of action and service. It was to be a day of using community action to solve social problems, just as King did. President Clinton signed the legislation into law in 1994. Today many organizations participate in the National Day of Service, which is the only national day of service besides the National Day of Service and Remembrance on September 11 each year.
Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for equality and human rights for African Americans and all victims of injustice. He used nonviolent direct action and peaceful protest to achieve his goals and was influenced by Gandhi and Jesus Christ. He was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta Georgia. At the age of 15, he went to Morehouse College and studied medicine and law. He then attended Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania and earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree. He completed a doctorate program in systematic theology at Boston University and met and married Coretta Scott while in Boston.
In 1954, King accepted a call to preach at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a preacher. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King became the protest's leader and spokesman, and came into the national spotlight, as victory was achieved integrating the buses. In all the boycott lasted 381 days.
Shortly afterward King and other civil rights activists founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), which he headed until his death. As part of his work with the SCLC, he traveled the country and world and gave lectures on nonviolent protests and civil rights, and met with key political and religious leaders and activists. From 1960 until his death he also served as co-pastor with his father at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.
In 1963, the SCLC launched the Birmingham Campaign, which used boycotts, sit-ins, and marches to protest segregation and unfair housing practices in one of America's most racially divided cities. King was arrested and put in jail, where he wrote his famous "Letter From Birmingham Jail." Throughout his life he would be arrested about 30 times for civil rights activities. Later that year he helped organize the March on Washington, which is where he delivered his famous "I Have A Dream" Speech. The March was attended by roughly 250,000 people, making it an important moment in the Civil Rights Movement; it also helped to facilitate the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. King was named the TIME Person of the Year in 1963, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.
In 1965, the SCLC worked with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) for voting rights in Selma, Alabama, and King participated in the Selma to Montgomery march. This march helped to raise awareness for the Voting Rights Act, which passed in August 1965.
By the late 1960s, King was broadening his focus. In 1967 he spoke out against the Vietnam War. In the final months of his life, he turned his attention towards poverty. He worked to organize the Poor People's Campaign, which was to culminate with a massive march on to the capital. King would not live to see the Campaign come to fruition, as he was shot on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968. He had been in the city to lead sanitation workers in protest against low wages and bad working conditions.

Granola bars can be a healthy snack, being that they may consist of oats, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. Some granola bars are also fortified with vitamins and minerals. Granola itself may help prevent heart disease and cancer, and its insoluble and soluble fiber may help with digestion. Although granola bars are often marketed as healthy snack alternatives to candy bars, sometimes they are loaded with ingredients such as butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, and with binders such as brown rice syrup, honey, and maple syrup. These ingredients can add sugar, fat, and extra calories, and help to negate the health benefits of the granola bars.
Granola was invented by Dr. James Caleb Jackson, who called it "granula" at the time. Jackson had his own water therapy spa, Our Home on the Hillside, one of the biggest spas in the world, where 20,000 patients were treated. He thought diet was important to health, and was a vegetarian. He fed his patients a diet of fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed grains. He made granula from graham flour in 1863; it was similar to an early version of Grape-Nuts. It 1881, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg took the name and recipe and substituted oats for the graham flour clusters. Kellogg was sued by Jackson, so he changed the name of his recipe from granula to granola. It quickly became a successful part of Kellogg cereals, and C.W. Post started producing it as well. It was soon eclipsed by other cereals though, and became largely forgotten.
Granola's popularity comes back during the hippie and health food movement of the 1960s. The food and name was brought back, and fruit and nuts were added. The first commercial granola of the modern era was produced in 1972.
Most sources claim Stanley Mason was the inventor of the granola bar. He also was known for inventing the squeezable ketchup bottle, as well as dental floss dispensers. Herrick Kimball also claims to have invented the granola bar. Another source claims it was invented by Edward Thayer Sr. of Chico, California, whose obit reads, "Many will remember Ed as the original patent holder for the first granola bars sold in the US." Regardless of who invented granola bars, they are now wildly popular, sometimes taking up whole grocery store aisles, and fueling everyone from athletes to hikers, to people just wanting a quick snack.

National Hugging Day was started in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney, who also created National Whiner's Day. January 21st was chosen as the day since it falls halfway between the day between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, and Valentine's Day, and is a time of year when few people are in a good mood. Its popularity has spread from United States to countries around the world, leading some to suggest that the name of the day should be changed from "National" to "International." Hugging has many benefits. It releases oxytocin, which is a hormone associated with happiness. Similarly, it lowers cortisol levels, which alleviates stress and helps lower the heart rate. It also stimulates the thymus gland, which regulates the production of white blood cells and helps keep you healthy. Those are all good reasons to spend the day hugging!

Here are some One-Liners:
- My three favorite things are eating my family and not using commas.
- I was gonna tell a time travelling joke but you guys didn't like it.
- Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence, often goes undetected.
If you like them and want more visit oneliners

Taking place on the fifteenth day of the Jewish month of Shevat, Tu BiShvat is a Jewish holiday that takes its name from Shevat and from two Hebrew letters, tet and vav. Tet is the ninth letter of the alphabet, while vav is the sixth. Adding these two numbers together makes fifteen, the day of the month that Tu BiShvat is observed on. The original name of the holiday was Ḥamisha Asar BiShvat, and the day is also now known as the New Year for Trees.
The holiday celebrates the maturation of trees. According to Jewish law, for the first three years that fruit ripens on trees it is not kosher, and should not be eaten. This fruit is known as orlah. Fruit that is ripe on today's holiday or afterward and is in its fourth year of being ripe may be eaten. This goes back to the time of the Second Temple when fruits ripe in their fourth year were brought to the temple as a tithe. The holiday is also mentioned in the Mishnah as one of the four Jewish new years.
The day is marked by the planting of trees, especially in Israel. The tradition began around the turn of the twentieth century and has been sponsored in part by the Jewish National Fund. A bit later, Jews returning to Palestine in the 1930s reclaimed land by planting trees, and trees were also planted for newborn children, cedars being planted for boys and cypress or pine being planted for girls. The day has also become a day of environmental awareness in Israel, similar to Arbor Day around the world.
Since around 1600 CE, some celebrants of the day have eaten dried fruits and nuts that have been spread out on a platter. This is often accompanied by wine or grape juice. In the Torah, seven "fruits" are praised, including grapes, pomegranates, figs, dates, olives, barley, and wheat. These are the fruits often included in the meal, which is commonly shared with family and friends. Some celebrants eat new fruits as well, and some eat an etrog, a fruit which they had pickled or candied after using it during Sukkot.

Happy Celebrating
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2018.12.14 19:40 casinoLF DP Podcast 12/12/18

Sorry, I've been a little behind!
Podcast LW1: Friends in an abusive relationship
DP, I'm really concerned about 2 of my friends, let's call them Jen and Kevin, who are married to each other. And in what appears to be an increasingly abusive relationship. Throughout their whole relationship, which started in college, they've always bickered a lot. They've now been married for a few years, and in the past year or 2 things have gotten really bad. They've have innumerable massive blowout fights with each other in public, or when we've been at their house, that have even turned somewhat physical. The abuse appears to be coming from both sides. We know Kevin's been seeking treatment for depression, and when we spoke with Jen, she's expressed concern that separation could make those matters worse. Kevin's made threats to this extent, it seems? An added issues i financial matters. Jen's getting a PhD right now, and she is concerned about being able to afford to live on her own. What can, or should, we do?
Podcast LW2: Religious inclusion in the workplace
DP, I just found out that my office's yearly holiday party has been scheduled for December 7th, a Friday evening. I'm Jewish, and on Friday evenings, I celebrate Shabbat, a weekly Jewish holiday. Shabbat is celebrated differently by every Jew, but in general it is considered a day of rest. I personally observe by going to Synagogue for services, or by having a traditional meal with friends and family. I will not be able to attend the holiday party due to this conflict. I am far from the only Jewish person in my office --I'd say we make up 15-20% of the staff -- by I'm not sure that any one else, aside from me, would really care. My employer plays a lot of lip service to diversity & inclusion, so this oversight feels particularly hurtful. Doesn't scheduling a holiday party on Shabbat fall under the category of reasonable accommodation for religious-based inclusion, or am I being obnoxious if I bring this issue up that might only impact me? The holiday party isn't mandatory, after all, and I do appreciate my employer's generosity in throwing one at all. Thanks in advance!
Podcast LW3: Is it a bad idea to get pregnant when the future of my marriage is uncertain?
[Ed. YES] DP, My husband and I have been together for 11 years and married for 5. We have an amazing 2 year old daughter that we absolutely adore. We were about to start trying for another child when, during an argument, my husband told me he doesn't think our marriage will last, and he's been thinking about ways we can separate while still living together so he can still see our daughter every day. This does not come as a surprise to me. We've both been unhappy for awhile now, and we think about splitting up about every 6 months since even before our daughter was born. So far, we've hung on, but I think we're both about ready to throw in the towel. We're planning to go to counseling, but what I'm wondering is, is it absolutely crazy to think about going ahead with trying for a second child despite our marital predicament? I'm not under any illusions that a second child will save our marriage. However, we're both in our late 30s, so if we split up, it is unlikely that I, at least, will be able to have any children with anyone else. Especially as I am not quick to recover from breakups and anticipate that I will definitely be menopausal before I'm ready to date again. Also, if we're going to get divorced, which isn't a foregone conclusion by any means, while I'm sure it will be harder on both of us to be single parents of 2 children, I think it will be easier for our daughter if she has a sibling to rely on. I had a lot of conflict with my parents growing up, and I feel like I wouldn't have survived without my sisters to lean on. Plus, both of us really want a second child, and we really want to have one with each other, even if we don't end up staying together. We don't hate each other, and we're exploring the idea of cohabiting and co-parenting even if we don't stay married. Is this a terrible idea?
Podcast LW4: My father posts his erotic artwork on the same social media account as his family photos
DP, My father is a gay fine artist whose artwork has gotten more sexual as he has aged. His artwork is not exclusively sexual, but he is finding increased financial success for his erotic depictions. Although sometimes I get a bit embarrassed by some of the images he creates, I support his talent and I follow his work online. Recently, some photos he took and posted bothered me, because they showed a leather-clad model in his home. It made me uncomfortable. My father often posts family photos as well as his artwork on his social media. I'm starting to wonder if mixing photos of grandchildren and photos of racy art on the same profile is appropriate, and I need an outsider's perspective, because my family and I already used to this as normal. Overall, the family photos my father posts are received with appropriate reactions from his friends and fans. His sexy artwork tends to receive sexy comments. Recently, an issue I've had is people have stolen my dad's personal photos that sometimes feature my children to create fraudulent accounts. It really has nothing to do with his art. Also, once or twice, my father has hashtagged photos of me or my sister's husband as #gayart which seems misleading, although it may have been inadvertent, as he uses that hashtag so often. What is appropriate when posting family images alongside erotica on the same social media account? That question seems so wrong, but I'm asking if I need to draw the line, what exactly should be my criteria?
Podcast LW5: I quit being a vegetarian 6 months ago, and I haven't told my husband yet!
DP, my husband and I have been together for 15 years now. Early in our relationship, we both decided to become vegetarians, and in a way, making that decision together brought us closer together. We identified strongly as vegetarian ever since. About 6 months ago, this changed. I finally succumbed to an overpowering craving for a hamburger, and it was probably the most delicious thing I'd had in my life. I knew it would be good, but what surprised me was that I also suddenly had so much more energy, felt so much better, and even started to look healthier as I reincorporated meat as part of my diet. So, after 10ish years, I'm eating meat again, if infrequently. I still haven't told my husband, and the lengths I go to hide my new diet has gotten a little out of control. I hide tins of sardines in the linen closet, keep frozen filets in the freezer disguised as bags of broccoli, and have taken to preparing my meals when he's been out at work or off with friends. There have been a few times I've been caught but I've waved it away as a treat for the dog, or the smell of steak being from a nonexistent BBQ outside. I feel bad for not having told him yet. In fact, I've told everyone but him. I've almost told him about a dozen times now, but every time I'm about ready to come clean he'll say "I don't think I could ever date someone who ate meat" or "being a vegetarian is a really important part of our marriage." He really hates meat eating and is sentimental about it as something that we share. I also hate deceiving him and my friends keep on telling me that I need to tell him. How do I finally break it to him?
Podcast LW6: Addiction Fatigued
DP, I have been best friends with Paulina since we were 12. We are almost 30. Beginning with the first rehab program at 13, Paulina has been to several others over the years. She has struggled to maintain her sobriety on her own, including AA meetings, and has relapsed countless times. I have tried my best to be there for her, but every relapse and the lies that accompany them have made me more resentful. She was completely out of it at my wedding a few months ago. I don't think she remembers much of it. I grew up as the only child of a single alcoholic mother and had similar trust issues with her, which led to a more distanced but amicable relationship. Prudie, I am just tired of it and feel awful for that. Paulina feels ashamed of herself after every relapse and apologizes profusely, but I'm running out of things to say to try and help. I don't think she has any confidence left in herself to get sober for good, and I secretly find myself losing hope too. Any tips on how I can best continue to support her? I tried Al-Anon as a teenager but was the only attendee under 60 and felt even more isolated. I've been to therapists over the years, but have not found it to be super helpful.
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2018.08.19 06:08 HitlerFallacyBot Hitler Hunt for 8/18/2018

I found 162 Hitlers in Politics today.

Poll: Dem opponent leads Scott Walker by 5 points
The people on Trump’s list aren’t enemies, they are witnesses
People are threatening to boycott a beloved hot-dog brand because its executive chairman — one of Trump's best friends — is holding a fundraiser for the president
Trump keeps trying to kill the agency that investigates chemical plant disasters
Republican who said ‘Hitler was right’ wins Missouri primary race
Attorney General Sessions Says The U.S. Foreign-Born Population Is Growing Too Fast
Trump’s Implicit Defense of Alex Jones Is an Echo of Birtherism
43% of Republicans say Trump should be able to shut down news outlets, new poll finds
Trump is manic, lashing out. Obama, the Bushes, Clinton and Carter should speak up.
Could Mueller be next to lose his security clearance?
Ex-CIA chief John Brennan says Trump is "drunk on power"
Trump warnings grow from forgotten Republicans
Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread
Trump says social media censorship discriminates against Republicans
Neo-Nazis are giving Black Lives Matter and antifa a reason to work together
Social media is censoring Republicans, Trump claims on social media
What will finally turn Trump’s supporters against him?
Donald Trump Lashes Out at “Loudmouth” John Brennan
Trump echoes conservative claims that social media companies censor conservatives
Trump claims social media platforms are 'totally discriminating' against conservatives
'Htler Schntzl,' Nazi salute dolls, SS-themed liquors: How far right skirts German hate laws
This GOP Senate candidate just posted a brutal self-own
Trump: ‘Nothing bad can happen' from meeting with foreign leaders
Trump Blasts Social Media Platforms for “Totally Discriminating” Against Conservatives
Brennan: I didn’t mean that Trump committed treason
Six Years In Prison For Man Who Tried To Blow Up Confederate Statue
Trump at 36 percent approval among African-Americans: poll
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 18985 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 84 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 21138 comments. In total, I have read 9540875 comments.
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2017.11.09 13:57 AnorhiDemarche Sydney This Weekend (11th & 12th)

Outside shit
Market shit
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Christmas Shit
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Shit you guys suggested
Trackwork This Weekend
Need more? Click here
dark_skeleton made an applet so you can be notified when I post one of these threads.
This week we’ve got two film festivals, Remembrance Day, Women’s Jazz Festival, The newborn and pregnancy expo, Newtown Festival, and some Christmas shit going on.
Don’t wanna wait till the thread to suggest a thing? Feel free to pm me. I also love hearing about all the shit you guys get up to on the weekend, even if you’re just sitting at home reading through a list of things you could be doing but can’t be assed.
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2014.04.12 05:54 tabledresser [Table] IamA 21 year old woman living on a income-sharing commune.. often called an "intentional community"

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-11
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
One thing that worries me though: how do you raise children? Do they go to school? Would living in a way so at odds with the outside world create problems for them when they grow up? A lot of them are home schooled and there is a daycare program for the younger kids. I am actually going to play theatre games with the kids there one day soon. One of the greatest things I've heard about education over there is this game called Heroes. Its like trivial pursuit mixed in with Dungeons and Dragons. My friend does the DMing for it. Basically the kids get to decide what they want to do in this fantasy world and roll dices for it like in D and D but if their roll is too low they have the option to answer a trivia question to roll again and some parts the story in the game are educational. For example, in one game the kids were studying the religions of the world and all of their characters had to answer questions about the religions from the counsel of the gods. All the "leaders" of the worlds religions were there jesus, buddha, shiva, etc. Once they answered all the questions the kids were granted access to the library of the gods and were asked to make their own religions just for fun. One of the values of their religion was "always eat your breakfast"
I work at an educational children's toystore and I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad!
Kinda sounds like a cult. Religious group? what's the deal? No. Not a cult because with a cult people would try to keep people here forever and try to get everyone to think the same. People leave whenever they want, sometimes we're sad because they are our friends, but we want people to do what they want.
We share everything, but there is a wide number of opinions, which can often make decision making difficult, but it is valuable to have so many different outlooks.
I'd say we share a lot of the same values as in egalitarianism, feminism, non-violence. We are just looking to be the example of what we would like to see in the world. We are very focused on face to face communication and conflict resolution. We also have no leaders and we emphasize personal responsibility.
Sounds like a town now. Yea you could look at it that way, except we live kind of dorm style.
same values as in egalitarianism, feminism. I've gotten into this conversation many times on Reddit. I agree that feminism, mainstream feminism, like girls on tumblr and stuff, have a tendency to propagate a lot of female superiority and not a lot of equality. I suppose for what we do as a community is better defined as egalitarianism. I think what we mean when we say "feminist" is that we encourage females specifically to do work in area that are generally considered "mens work" if they are interested in it. i.e construction. I would say we also do this with men also. A lot of men cook and clean here.
I am confused, because as far as I have ever seen those two things are opposites.
Are there rules to your anarchist commune? Anarchism to me means lacking oppression and no hierarchy. Not necessarily "no rules" thats silly little anarchist teenagers.
There are policies which are kind of like rules, but these are subject to change depending on where the community is at the time.
There are norms, which are more like common sense things.. like don't put knives or pointy things in the bucket we put all the other silverware in the dish room. You know so no one cuts themselves.
There are actually rules I guess, our values are egalitarianism, feminism and non-violence. Meaning you can't be physically violent with someone, if someone did this who had been living here long term this would mean a BUNCH of long meanings.
Also non-consensual touching is a big no no also.
Hierarchies always exist. Just maybe not the type that inconvenience you personally. You are right there are always hierarchies. Like the fact that there are full members (people who've been members a year +), provisional members (under a year)associate members(intern more than once) interns (2-6 month stayers) and visitors (3 week visits applying for membership). Full members often have the most power.
The best is that no one is my boss and no one tells me what to do or benefits more than I do from our income.
egalitarianism, feminism. I do not agree with the mainstream version of feminism.
These contradict. Someone else said something similar to this.. please read that.
Feminism poisons everything. It just an evil hate movement. Hey so the other guys didn't call it evil so I am just going to personally respond to you. I honestly sympathize with MRM. I am not a feminist, I have been a feminist in the past, but I would tend to not take on a label. I just think its a bit ridiculous that you would call an entire movement evil, movements are made up of people and chances are there are feminists out there whose beliefs you would agree with. There are plenty of feminists who actually don't give a fuck about mens rights issues and I personally thinks thats pretty gross, but there is a good percentage of feminists who think that MRM has got some good points.Specifically I am into the whole legal paternal surrender idea and I think there needs to be WAY more resources for men who are being abused or who have been abused. I'm sure you can see that there are quite a few MRAs who actually straight up don't like women, thats why a lot of feminists hate MRM not because they don't agree with the specific issues, more because its sensationalist propaganda to say an entire belief system is wrong, because in belief systems there is a tendency for people to have a wide variety of beliefs. And because the feminism has actually opened up doors for women in ways that have not effected men negatively. There are certainly things certain groups of the feminist movement did that was not fair to men, but think of it as many different kinds of groups.
Where is this located? I don't see any info on the website. If you can't be to specific, what state? Virginia.
Northern Virginia? I live in Maryland and would love to come check it out. Pm if you're interested.
Whats your day to day life like? I usually wake up whenever I want unless I have signed up to cook lunch which is served at noo or if I sign up to do a phone shift that starts at 9 am. People generally work whenever they want, but there are certain jobs people sign up for at our sunday meeting. That includes cooking shifts and customer service phone shifts for our business. A lot of things count as work gardening, cleaning, work for the business.
So here is a typical day as in my day yesterday: I woke up, helped my partner build a new computer for the office, he is teaching me about the parts of a computer, I'm kind of interested in programming, so this is helpful. Then I cooked dinner. I made Lasagna, three different kids due to the diets of people I live with. I made one with local ground beef, one vegetarian one with just cheese, and one vegan one with crumbled tofu instead of cheese. Then I smoked cigarettes in our only smoking allowed area with some people visiting from a friend community in another state. We talked for a bit, had some laughs, I shipped out some packs of seeds in my room while listening to music for a few hours. Then I wrote a little bit, I like to write fictional stories and plays, then I went to sleep.
What do you do when some new technology comes out (smart phones, game consoles, etc) and not the entire community wants one? Is there some form of barter system to trade goods, or is everything shared freely? I can see necessities being shared freely, but not luxuries. If someone wants to buy something that is kind of expensive to be shared by the community we bring it to one of our meetings. We make decisions using consensus.
It is disappointing that when people are given free choice, they don't all bang each other? is this surprising? Why isn't it exciting that people have the chance to figure out what feels good for them?
Are all meals communal or only lunch and dinner? Do you get a consensus for the meals themselves, or does someone meal plan? What does the community do if someone/s isn't working hard enough? Are there elders? On Sundays Brunch instead of Lunch. Brunch is served at around 10 am and Lunch is about noon. Dinner is 6 pmish.
Meals are decided by whoever signs up, but people complain if there isn't enough of a certain food group.
If someone isn't working hard enough it'll probably be brought up in a clearness and maybe asked to keep labor sheets.. sheets where they record their labor for the whole community to see.
Elders? I mean there are people over 50, but no one especially influential just because they are older.
Is there anything you miss about life prior to the commune? I am originally from Brooklyn and I often miss walking the streets of New York and all the opportunities to meet strangers. I miss some of my old friends and I miss all the theatrical opportunities NY had. I was studying to be a musical theatre actress before I came here.
I do often get to meet strangers here though, a lot of guests and people interested in community come through. Its a bit like non-nomadic traveling. There are community theaters nearby and sometimes we have music performances at parties and events and stuff.
How do you share liability of vehicles? Including parking tickets and accidents. How do you punish a member that is responsible for more than their fair share of problems? People are specifically put on insurance for the cars and only they can drive the cars. Anyone can be on insurance if they have a license as far as I know. I don't drive so I don't really know.
See below about clearnesses, we'd probably do that first.
I don't think thats really a problem we've been dealing with these days.
To what extent do you see this lifestyle as feasible? Do you plan to live in this type of structure until your end comes around? Do many people leave once they have lived with the group for some time, if so how assuming they had no assets prior to joining (as a 21yr old might not). There are people of many ages here. Most are in there 20s to early 30s, but there are people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. I'd say most people who live here have lived here about 6 months- 3 years. There are a few people here who have been here for about 8 years.
I see myself being here for the next couple of years. I may go try and be an actress, but I would still maintain a status of "friend of the community" and I would probably come back at some point.
There is quite a bit of turn over. The people here are often the types who are not worried about money and trust they can figure out how to survive. A lot of people also go off to do more WOOF type deals.
WOOF? Working on organic farm. Its a work trade thing.
Awesome! Do the people you live with share anything in common besides farming? Are many of them related, were you all friends before forming a commune? The commune we live on has existed for about 20 years. Most of us have some alternative political views. Many people here would identify as anarchists. I probably would, but I do not like labels. A lot of people are also interested in growing most of our own food and participating in capitalism as little as possible. We have no bosses. We use consensus to make decisions, meaning no proposals get passed unless everyone consents to them.
There is a bigger commune in the area that is our sister commune. Some members from there decided to start the one I live on, they were not related but many of them had known each other for a while.
Right now there is a woman who has lived here for a couple of years and her daughter in her late 20's just moved here this year. There are a lot of couples, I don't know if you would consider that related. There was a couple of children here, but their families moved to different communes in the area.
When the collective makes a decision you don't agree with does that piss you off as much as when a boss makes one? How do you deal with internal issues like fights, breakups etc? A clearness is when someone has a conversation with every member of the community about what its been like to live with them this can range from a simple "I like you you're great, how've you been doing these days?" to long conversations processing personal issues. Then the group gets together for a meeting and talks about their clearnesses and if any conflicts were unable to be resolved in personal clearnesses we talk about it as a group. If people get violent sometimes we'll give them another chance if they've been here a while with no incident, but generally we have a no tolerance policy and that person will be asked to leave pretty quickly.
Are there any particularly influential people in the group? There are people who have been here a long time who have a lot of experience so sometimes they want to have more influence. I'd say there is a balance of power.
Traditions like 'clearnesses' can often get mean/abusive. does that ever happen. have you ever witnessed a clearness that you felt was unjust? I think most people we accept as members are people who want to live peacefully, so they try and talk about hard things are calmly as possible.
We did have one member for a while who was pretty harsh with people. We have something called an Associate Member, someone who doesn't live here full time, doesn't have an official room, but comes and stays anywhere from 2- 6 months a year, stays in various places, usually works very hard and well-loved. This nasty person had a clearness with a very well-loved Associate and kept repeating to them that they didn't really live here and that this wasn't there home.
He was eventually asked to leave, this usually happens if people repeatedly do not treat their fellow communards with some level of respect.
I love your seeds! While your catalog illustrations certainly have a homegrown quality to them, you're one of the last few seed catalogs that don't use photographs. Why is that? Cost, or is it a part of your brand now, or something else? I'm so glad you get our seeds! Thank you!
I think it is a style thing and we want to make sure we have excellent photos if we are going to put them in there. We don't always have an amazing camera around.
Ohio/Michigan heirloom veggie gardeneWOOF farm here; I've come across your seeds before. I've got some nice soil, any tricky veggies or herbs you need me to help grow you all? Hey if you're an interested grower PM me!
Do you have any issues with laziness or people not pulling their weight? Have you in the past? How have you dealt with it? Clearnesses generally or labor sheets.
How did you decide to join? How did you hear about the commune? How quickly did you decide to stay? I was part of multiple occupy occupations, one specifically being Occupy DC and I met a guy there who eventually moved to the larger commune and he asked me to come visit. I was rejected from membership in short because I am obnoxious and promiscuous. Then the guy I was dating from the larger commune asked me to come visit again, just as his guest, but I thought visiting the smaller commune nearby might be more interesting. I didn't plan to stay, but after a week I liked acorn more than my relationship and i stayed as an intern for months before becoming a member,
If you were going to be any type of muffin, why type of muffin would you be? Apple cinnamon!
How often do you people come and go from the commune? How hard would it be if you decided to leave? People can leave whenever they want, though it is preferred if there is some notice like a regular job. There are no bosses but some people do take on responsibility for certain areas. For example, if the person who ordered food like beans and rice from our bulk order up and left with no notice it might not be very nice. It is nicer to acclimate someone on how much we usually consumes, what to buy, etc.
It can be hard because of money, but people do come and go a lot. Some people are members, which means they gone through the whole process to live here long term, they usually stay longer.
Interns who just come for work exchange are usually coming and going a whole lot.
I guess it could be executed in a fascist way if there were enough pressure that if you vetoed anything you would, for instance, be completely shunned. Or if one person or "faction" bullies people into giving them what they want by pulling a "Republican Congress" and blocking anything but their own agenda. Still giving everyone a veto, I think, typically would encourage everyone to collaborate or compromise. In that kind of culture I don't expect you develop the adversarial mindset that leads to these types of problems. I can see that this would need some adjustment to work for larger groups but I think it has good potential. I do wonder, what happens if someone is unhappy and wants to leave the community? Can they "cash out" and leave with some possessions or do they need to start over from scratch? People can leave with their own personal possession and sometimes get a leaving loan.
I have a lot of questions. I'm somewhat interested in starting a community and have the means. Alright, go ahead and ask some more!
With the implementation of Obamacare, how do you all handle the requirement for health insurance? I'm assuming with the level of income you earn that this may be difficult to pay for. That is all just confusing for me. Someone else in the community is on it.
I guewss another way to get the outcome of that question would be, what happens if one of you becomes ill and requires extensive medical treatment, something like breast cancer? After 6 months of membership the community will pay for it.
Ash Ketchup? Gotta catch them all!!! Yea thats my old nickname.
Great ama, thanks for doing this. How does a group establish a commune legally? How does housing work in your community? If you can establish yourself as a monastery type deal, common-held beliefs you can get this interesting tax-code.
We have a few houses where people live dorm-style and we share a large new office space we recently built and two to four living room spaces and one small kitchen and one large kitchen.
Where do you get your user name from? I made it a while ago and I picked it because I have a tendency to believe as is above so is below on a rather scientific level. A repeating pattern, like a fractal.
What religion (if any) are the people in your commune? Most people I think are spiritual in someway.. like great appreciation for nature.
Some are atheist.
I am jewish by descent, but I do not practice.
How do i join the commune? PM me and I can give you information about applying.
Link to Yea I'd rather talk one on one with people about it...
Are you saying you don't agree with your publically published membership process? Nope. I will PM you and explain more.
Why? Yes if you look another member has replied.
What are you, personally, trying to control and do the rest of your members know what you are doing here? I honestly feel really bad that this was how you took it.. let me know if you got my message.
Do you believe this system could work but with the goal to make a lot of money for everyone? As individuals?
Maybe, but I don't know if I like this idea.
Trolls are just as able to PM you as others. What is it you think you are accomplishing? I think most trolls wouldn't take the time to PM, but I might be wrong.
Its just that someone tried to set our house on fire recently, someone who was visiting and we are beginning to screen a bit more and I am on the team that screens. I am not trying to "control" the membership. I just want people who are nice, sane(ish.. we have a bunch of weirdo people), and hard workers. I just get nervous.
Oh, I'm not upset. You are projecting. Sure.
I am just anti-censorship, full disclosure. I guess I just feel a bit disrespected and I feel like you're not really understanding where my paranoia comes from. I don't think its very nice. I feel like you jumped to conclusions about my motives and I don't really appreciate it.
If you feel weird about the idea, it means it probably wouldn't work for some reason. I don't see how it could work if too many people felt weird about it. Do you see problems with money already in your community without it being a main goal? I guess I personally wouldn't want money to be the main goal. I don't really like the idea of money and I wish it wasn't necessary.
I don't like it either but I think the most efficient way to remove money as a negative force in people's lives is to be able to make a lot of it without unnecessary and wasteful energy. Maybe. I'll have to think about that.
Is there friction or frustrations involving money in the commune? I'd say that people want to invest more time and money into different things. Some people want to focus on continuing to grow the business, some people want to do more natural housing (like strawbale), some people want a dairy barn for our goats and one cow, etc.
I'd say an occasional member can get a little out of hand with discretionary spending. Nothing thats ever been too big a deal, at least in my time here. Something I have noticed is sometimes people will buy things on one of our budgets that I would've personally thought should have been from their stipend.
How did you decide to join a commune and specifically what attracted you to this one? I wrote a bit about how I found out about it, but the freedom here attracted me and the lack of structure. Working whenever you want.
The clearness process is awesome to me, people don't communicate enough in the outside world.
I am 23 and have haven't done much with my life. How does someone get into a community like that? PM me for details.
How do you decide what to purchase? What if someone else in the community doesn't agree with a purchase? It gets fuzzy. If someone wants to make a purchase for work there is like a limit to how much you can spend I think it might be like under 100 bucks or something, otherwise it goes to meeting.
People can always use their stipend.
Where you there when the fire happened? The video said a guest started the fire was it intentional? I was in bed with my partner and we woke up and got out of the house. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, not even a broken bone.
The person who did it was mentally ill, it was very sad and complicated.
I live in RVA and my parents live in Bumpass (lakers). We were always intrigued by your community. I think it is awesome what you guys have going on over there. Anyways, I am starting a small backyard garden, I know you guys do seed sharing, who would I need to contact for those? Check out the website.. you could email us about donation seeds probably.
What do you see yourself doing if things eventually fall apart? There are other communities similar to this. If that option was unavailable I'd maybe try to do something similar, but try to gain squatter rights somewhere. I'd be interesting doing this sort of thing in an urban setting somehow. Two of my fellow communards are actuall working on project like this.
I'd also be interested in starting some kind of free school/commune situation, I'd like to start an arts-focused one for teenaged people. Note: I consider all projects that require any amount of creativity or critical thinking to be art... so anything really! I would like people to be encouraged to pursue their interests, whatever they are. People can learn so many things from about a variety of topics just by heavily studying one topic, doesn't really matter what. For example, i know a lot of interesting things about history through studying one of my passions, musicals. A lot of musicals are based on something historical, causing me to be interested in reading up on those specific events, therefore learning. Woah. Wall of text.
I live in central Virginia and have never heard about this. What county/city do you all live in? Pm me i guess.
Do you and your fellow members think about communism and how to spread it throughout the country and the world? Not necessarily. We talk about spreading communities, but I don't know how well what we do would work on a larger scale. Thats just my opinion.
I'm sorry. Hey guys lets me friends. I actually do find the theredpill interesting, though somewhat disgusting.
K. This might be an MRA.. I like them sometimes. We should hear him out.
I hate feminists, I do not hate women. I just gave the comment a big edit please look at it again. That wasn't my point. I wasn't trying to imply you hated women. I was say there are definitely people in the MRM who just hate women. Just like there are feminists who just hate men, but not all of them. Just read the edit. =)
Remember, not all women are feminists, and not all feminists are women.
I hope you're growing Tulsi Basil aka Holy Basil, Queen of the Adaptogens. We are! =)
Anti-censorship, anti-secretiveness. Although I am not happy about what you're doing...thank you for holding true to your beliefs.
Link to Just to be clear we don't like random pop-ins. I really would prefer if you'd let people contact me personally.
The webpage is pretty clear. Have a nice day. =)
In terms of your seed business and shared income concept, is the income shared as in split equally and each individual receives a portion or shared in the sense of a large pot used to benefit the group. Large pot to be benefited from the group.
One last question if you are still answering them. What does your family and friends think about your decision to be a part of this. My parents are thrilled. I used to be a wild hitchhiking traveling kid and they never knew where the fuck I was.
Now all they have to do is call the community and someone'll be they "yea... I saw her earlier, eating cereal.. "
My friends are pretty groovy, some of them have come to visit it me and one did stay for a few solid months and actually got accepted as member, but went on to do other things. Another friend is coming for a month or two in the summer.
I'd say friends and family are mostly happy that I found a lifestyle that works for me.
Thanks for doing the awesome AMA! I'm in my 60's and have been mostly living in community since I was 20. There are challenges but I wouldn't want to live any other way. The best thing about living in community is knowing your neighbors really well. Oh wow. Which communities have you lived in?
What are you going to do when the commune crumbles into oblivion? Dig a hobbit hole.
Does odilia pearce still live there? If so is she single? No.
Lol just kidding I watched a documentary about the place and thought she was pretty hot. But she was only visiting though figured out after posting that. Yea I asked a long term member about her and they said the name sounded familiar, but they didn't really remember her.
Is any guy that joins the commune guaranteed to have intimate relations? No. Actually it can be very difficult for some people to find intimate relations.. small dating pool
Looks like a lot of privileged white people. What sort of efforts are you making to increase diversity? This can sometimes feel like the case.
I am personally working to try and visit my old inner city high school to try and recruit some older high school students for a 1-2 week internship so that the message can be spread to potentially less privileged youth that this is an option. A member her has a BA in Education so he would help me with that.
Where?(link) This another member of the community..Link to
Also did you get my message? I think I gave you pretty good reasoning.
Do you share each other, or are you still selfish in the realm of intimate relations? Edit: I personally am not poly, but I did try it. I am still open to the idea, but for me its much easier to develop a close romantic relationship with one person. I am very cautious with relationships anyway, so its just easier for me. As a community we absolutely support all kinds of relationship models.
If members wish to have children (something rather expensive to be shared by the community), is this subject to a vote? At the larger community people are asked to ask the community to approve a pregnancy. At the community I live in we prefer for people to ask, but people rarely say no. It is easier to have a child in community than it is to move to community with kids.
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2013.08.30 22:12 thunder_afternoon Hey /r/okcupid, can you help? (A definitive guide to searching on okc using the URL)

Update: We're done. Whew... SUPER THANKS TO:
How is this table useful?
From my comment below:
The most important thing you can get from here is to search for "blank" option. In most cases, blank is set to 1. This means whatever you searched for, you can add 1 and also find people who left the field blank.
For example, you want to search for people who own dogs, or left it blank. Filter is 16 (find it in the table below) and own dogs is 2. OKC GUI doesn't let you search for blank, but you can change the url to say filterX=16,3 instead of filterX=16,2 and you have your search!
This can also give you a quicker way to search for people if you know what you're doing. It'll also give some of us the ability to write programs that might make things easier for the rest of us.
Starting the table right here:
Filter # Search for Numeric
2 Age range min,max
1 Has a photo 1
1 Photos don't matter 0
35 Any status 0
35 Are single 2
35 Are not single 12
11 (smokes) no 32
11 trying to quit 16
11 when drinking 8
11 sometimes 4
11 (smokes) yes 2
11 (smokes) blank 1
5 online now 3600 (in sec)
5 online in the last day 86400
5 oneline in the last week 604800
5 oneline in the last month 2678400
5 oneline in the last year 31536000
5 oneline in the last decade 315360000 (lol, wrong)
3 miles miles in number (25)
0 girls who like guys 34
0 guys who like girls 17
0 girls who like girls 40
0 guys who like guys 20
0 both who like bi guys 54 (aka 34 + 20)
0 both who like bi girls 57 (aka 17 + 40)
0 Straight girls only 2
0 Straight guys only 1
0 Gay girls only 8
0 Gay guys only 4
0 Bi girls only 32
0 Bi guys only 16
0 Bi guys and girls 48 (32 + 16)
0 Errrrrrbody 63 (32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1)
14 blank (income) 1
14 less than $20K 2
14 $20K - $30K 4
14 $30K - $40K 8
14 $40K - $50K 16
14 $50K - $60K 32
14 $60K - $70K 64
14 $70K - $80K 128
14 $80K - $100K 256
14 $100K - $1500K 512
14 $150K - $2500K 1024
14 $250K - $500K 2048
14 $500K - $1M 4096
14 more than $1M 8192
14 rather not say 16384
9 blank (ethnicity) ? (1 doesn't work)
9 Asian (ethnicity) 2
9 Middle Eastern 4
9 Black 8
9 Native American 16
9 Indian 32
9 Pacific Islander 64
9 Hispanic/Latin 128
9 White 256
9 Other 512
32 blank (looking for) 1 (profile blank usually)
32 New friends (looking for) 2
32 Long term dating 4
32 Short term dating 8
32 Casual sex 64
8 blank (religion) 1
8 Agnostic 2
8 Atheist 4
8 Buddhist 256
8 Catholic 32
8 Christian 8
8 Hindu 128
8 Jewish 16
8 Muslim 64
8 Other 512
30 (body type) blank 1
30 Rather not say 2
30 Thin 4
30 Overweight 8
30 Skinny 16
30 Average 32
30 Fit 64
30 Athletic 128
30 Jacked 256
30 A little extra 512
30 Curvy 1024
30 Full figured 2048
30 Used up 4096
12 blank (drinks) 1
12 Very Often 2
12 Often 4
12 Socially 8
12 Rarely 16
12 Desperately 32
12 Not at all 64
20 DBLD 1
20 DBLM 2
20 DBSD 4
20 DBSM 8
20 DGLD 16
20 DGLM 32
20 DGSD 64
20 DGSM 128
20 RBLD 256
20 RBLM 512
20 RBSD 1024
20 RBSM 2048
20 RGLD 4096
20 RGLM 8192
20 RGSD 16384
20 RGSM 32768
19 blank (education) 1
19 high school 2
19 two year 4
19 college/uni 8
19 masters 16
19 law school 32
19 med school 64
19 phd 128
19 space camp 256
25 attractiveness (1-star) 0,1999
25 attractiveness (2-star) 2000,3999
25 attractiveness (3-star) 4000,5999
25 attractiveness (4-star) 6000,7999
25 attractiveness (5-star) 8000,10000
10 height min,max: 5'0: 15240. Each inch: +254
21 (Blank) (astrological sign) 1
21 Aquarius 2
21 Pisces 4
21 Aries 8
21 Taurus 16
21 Gemini 32
21 Cancer 64
21 Leo 128
21 Virgo 256
21 Libra 512
21 Scorpio 1024
21 Sagittarius 2048
21 Capricorn 4096
13 Often (drugs) 4
13 Sometimes (drugs) 2
13 Never (drugs) 1
13 Blank (drugs) 8
22 English 74
22 SignLanguage 1
22 Afrikaans 2
22 Albanian 3
22 Arabic 4
22 Basque 5
22 Belarusan 6
22 Bengali 7
22 Breton 8
22 Bulgarian 9
22 Catalan 10
22 Cebuano 11
22 Chechen 12
22 Chinese 13
22 Croatian 14
22 Czech 15
22 Danish 16
22 Dutch 17
22 Esperanto 18
22 Estonian 19
22 Farsi 20
22 Finnish 21
22 French 22
22 Frisian 23
22 Georgian 24
22 German 25
22 Greek 26
22 Ancient 27
22 Hawaiian 28
22 Hebrew 29
22 Hungarian 30
22 Icelandic 31
22 Ilongo 32
22 Indonesian 33
22 Irish 34
22 Italian 35
22 Japanese 36
22 Khmer 37
22 Korean 38
22 Latin 39
22 Latvian 40
22 Lithuanian 41
22 Malay 42
22 Maori 43
22 Mongolian 44
22 Norwegian 45
22 Occitan 46
22 Persian 47
22 Polish 48
22 Portuguese 49
22 Romanian 50
22 Rotuman 51
22 Russian 52
22 Sanskrit 53
22 Sardinian 54
22 Serbian 55
22 Slovak 56
22 Slovenian 57
22 Spanish 58
22 Swahili 59
22 Swedish 60
22 Tagalog 61
22 Tamil 62
22 Thai 63
22 Tibetan 64
22 Turkish 65
22 Ukrainian 66
22 Urdu 67
22 Vietnamese 68
22 Welsh 69
22 Yiddish 70
22 C++ 71
22 LISP 72
22 Other 73
22 Hindi 75
22 Armenian 76
22 Gujarati 77
54 blank (diet) 1
54 Anything 2
54 Vegetarian 4
54 Vegan 8
54 Kosher 16
54 Halal 32
16 or 17 blank (pets) 1
16 Owns dogs 2
16 Likes dogs 4
16 Dislikes dogs 8
17 Owns cats 2
17 Likes cats 4
17 Dislikes cats 8
15 blank(job) 1
15 Student 2
15 Artistic / Musical / Writer 4
15 Banking / Financial / Real Estate 8
15 Clerical / Administrative 16
15 Computer / Hardware / Software 32
15 Construction / Craftsmanship 64
15 Education / Academia 128
15 Entertainment / Media 256
15 Executive / Management 512
15 Hospitality / Travel 1024
15 Law / Legal Services 2048
15 Medicine / Health 4096
15 Military 8192
15 Political / Government 16384
15 Sales / Marketing / Biz Dev 32768
15 Science / Tech / Engineering 65536
15 Transportation 131072
15 Other 524288
18 blank (offspring) 1
18 Has a kid 33686018
18 Has kids 67372036
18 Doesn't have kids 1077952576
18 Might want kids 18176
18 Wants kids 4653056
18 Doesn't want kids 1191182384
Personality Traits
  • x stands for the trait
  • y is on a scale of 0 to 10000, less to more of that trait (clarified below)
  • z is on a scale of 0 to 100, less to more important
Aggressiveness 1 Athleticism 4 Cockiness 7 (y value: 0 is Chill, 10000 is Cocky, any value in between is usable) Dorkiness 12 Independence 21 Indie 22 Introversion 25 (y values: Kinky 26 Old fashionedness 33 Planning 35 (y values: 0 is Spontaneous, 10000 is Planner) Political 52 Sex Experience 42 Socially free 16 (0 is Totalitarian, 10000 is Libertarian, this is so bizarre) Spirituality 45 (0 is Atheist, 10000 is Spiritualist)
Order by:
  • Using the &matchOrderBy= query:
Key Value
Totally Random (A-list) RANDOM
Match % MATCH
Friend % FRIEND
Enemy % ENEMY
Who's new JOIN
Last online LOGIN
Match & new MATCH_AND_NEW
Match & last online MATCH_AND_LOGIN
Match & distance MATCH_AND_DISTANCE
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2013.05.01 04:04 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Paul Shapiro with The Humane Society of the US. I’ve been advocating for farm animals for 20 years, doing undercover investigations at factory farms, and now helping to enact anti-cruelty laws and corporate policies, as well as combating “ag-gag” bills. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-04-30
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Why do you use pictures of sad puppies and kitties in your advertisements but contribute less than 1% of the HSUS budget to animal shelters? Wouldn't it be better for people to contribute directly to their local animal shelters if they want to directly help suffering animals? Why not make it more clear to your donors that you are an animal rights activist group, not a group that actually directly rescues suffering pets? The animals in our ads are animals we've rescued. HSUS provides more direct care for animals than any other animal welfare charity in the country. More at Link to The HSUS partners with local animal shelters and rescue groups on a wide range of issues, and we celebrate their life-saving work in local communities. We host the largest training conference for sheltering professionals, Animal Care Expo; we publish Animal Sheltering magazine and, which are the best resources in the field; and we launched The Shelter Pet Project with Maddie's Fund and the Ad Council, which has resulted in more than $50 million in free advertising to promote the adoption of shelter pets and drive down euthanasia rates. You might be interested to know that in December 2011, the Humane Research Council conducted a survey of about 300 animal shelter and rescue personnel around the country—most of them CEOs, executive directors, or individuals serving in other leadership positions within their organizations. Among other findings, the survey confirmed that there is overwhelming agreement among local organizations that they view the humane movement broadly as taking on large-scale cruelties to pets, wildlife, and farm animals. They also value the services that The HSUS provides to local animal shelters and rescue groups, and they see The HSUS as having an important role as a powerful organization battling the root causes of cruelty nationwide.
What one fact about our meat industry do you think the public should know, and that should/could lead to changes? That inhumane treatment of animals is the norm, not the exception. Practices like confining breeding pigs in cages so small they can't even turn around for virtually their entire lives (a standard pork industry practice) are so extreme that were more Americans familiar with them, the outrage would be even greater.
Here's a short overview of the problems millions of farm animals face: Link to
I am a vegetarian, but totally against HSUS. Why do you mislead the public so much? Why do you reign down so much hate upon animal owners & lovers? Why does your legislation efforts look like they're going in the direction of ending pet ownership, and extincting the cat & dog forever? Why don't you actually help shelter animals instead of creating legislation that will land more in shelters? You hate puppy mills - everyone does. Why not get behind responsible breeders, and actually have their backs? Sorry to hear that. I think if you were to walk the halls of HSUS and see all the dogs we bring to work with us (or come to our homes and see our cats, too!), you'd be surprised by how misleading the bizarre claim about "ending pet-keeping" is.
why did HSUS and ASPCA pay a man to lie about animal abuse just to shut down a circus? You got caught, if you don't remember. Why did AR groups destroy the caboodles ranch in Florida? Re the circus: Link to
It seems that the ag-gag bills have been winning, which is a stunning slap against freedom of speech and freedom of the press. What do you think needs to happen next? I'm glad to report that we've killed nearly all of the ag-gag bills so far. 11 states intro'd them in 2013 and zero have passed. TN is the gravest concern, considering that it's on the gov's desk right now. If you have friends/family there, pls send them this link!
I thought I'd read that Florida had passed one. No? I'm happy to hear it failed. Sorry, I do not know anyone in TN. We killed Florida's ag-gag bill last year and it wasn't re-intro'd.
Do you think it is more helpful to help stop animal cruelty to become a vegetarian/vegan OR by supporting local farmers and only buying meat from those who raise animals from a small farm where they treat the animals as they should be treated? Also..I have been thinking of becoming an animal welfare lawyer, can these lawyers make a difference in changing laws regarding cruelty and treatment of animals? If you're interested in cutting back on your animal consumption, you may find helpful. If you're interested in what the animal welfare labels mean on animal product packaging, you may find helpful. And finally, there's no doubt that animal abusers often have large numbers of lawyers working on their behalf, so animals need some good representation, too. Thanks!
How do you feel about states passing laws that will make your undercover work against the law? These ag-gag bills that you're referring to are Exhibit A in the case demonstrating that the animal ag industry is desperately grasping at straws to keep Americans in the dark about its routinely abusive practices. This is an industry that regularly locks animals in cages so cramped they can barely move an inch for essentially their entire lives. Again, this isn't a few rotten eggs, but rather standard meat industry practices that are simply rotten. When such cruelty is the norm in your industry, you should be trying to clean up your act, not trying to criminalize those who are exposing these problems.
Follow up, are Free Range meat products a better purchase for the end consumer? More on free-range and other animal welfare labels at
Of the bills that I have read, it seems they want the abuse reported within 48 hours and full unedited video turned over at that time. Do you feel that allowing abuse to continue over weeks or even months is more humane for the animals? There’s a reason animal protection groups oppose these bills while agribusiness industry officials support them: They may be drafted to appear like an animal protection measure, when in reality they're intended to obstruct whistleblowers from documenting farm animal abuse. This is why virtually every major newspaper editorial board in states where these bills have been intro'd this year (TN & CA, for example), have condemned these so-called "immediate reporting" bills as the thinly veiled attempts to protect animal abusers that they are.
What do you think of this petition regarding ag-gag laws? Does it sum up your position well? Do you think the Administration cares about this issue? I've not seen that petition before, but so far the ag-gag issue is really more of a state issue rather than federal. More at
Do you eat meat, why or why not? I don't eat animals, which is a decision I made in 1993 and feel good about. Interestingly, the trend in the US at this time doesn't seem to be that overwhelming numbers of people are becoming strict vegetarians, but large numbers of people are cutting back on their animal consumption, which is the primary reason per capita meat consumption fell by more than 12% in the US from 2007-2012.
It was a video like this that helped make my decision: Link to
Why doesn't the HSUS stop running deceptive ads that make people think it funds animal shelters? I understand that you believe you're using the money to help animals in other ways, which is fine--but then why not be honest with your fundraising ads so that people who wish to be supporting animal shelters could honestly donate to hands-on animal shelter work? The HSUS partners with local animal shelters and rescue groups on a wide range of issues, and we celebrate their life-saving work in local communities. We host the largest training conference for sheltering professionals, Animal Care Expo; we publish Animal Sheltering magazine and, which are the best resources in the field; and we launched The Shelter Pet Project with Maddie's Fund and the Ad Council, which has resulted in more than $50 million in free advertising to promote the adoption of shelter pets and drive down euthanasia rates.
You might be interested to know that in December 2011, the Humane Research Council conducted a survey of about 300 animal shelter and rescue personnel around the country—most of them CEOs, executive directors, or individuals serving in other leadership positions within their organizations. Among other findings, the survey confirmed that there is overwhelming agreement among local organizations that they view the humane movement broadly as taking on large-scale cruelties to pets, wildlife, and farm animals. They also value the services that The HSUS provides to local animal shelters and rescue groups, and they see The HSUS as having an important role as a powerful organization battling the root causes of cruelty nationwide.
The attack on HSUS, specifically the 1% claim, originates from Rick Berman, a corporate front-man, a Washington, D.C. lobbyist and PR operative. Over the years, he has created a spider web of organizations whose aim is to attack established charities, nonprofits and public interest groups—from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to The Humane Society of the United States. He refuses to divulge specific companies financing his dirty work, but it is known that he launched this line of work by taking money from tobacco companies to battle those seeking restrictions on smoking—a template that has defined his career. Learn more about Berman his front group “HumaneWatch” here: Link to
How do you feel about responsible people owning pet miniture pigs? Presuming the animals are well-cared for and a permitted to reside in that particular zoned area, these pigs can be wonderful companions. Unfortunately, many people who acquire these pigs don't understand how much is required to care for them properly, which often leads to them being dumped on animal shelters or sanctuaries.
What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is George, the 3-legged pit bull with whom I was fortunate enough to spend seven years. He passed away, but I still keep his photo in my office. He was an amazing friend and words can't describe how missed he is.
Picture! Here you go! :-) Link to
Good AMA! Skimming through your answers, I see that you're meat-free, but didn't see any reference to being vegan. Do you consume dairy products? I am meat-free as well, and feel happy about not contributing to unnecessary animal death, but I'm concerned about cruelty when I buy dairy products. I'm not ready to give that up just yet, so are there any brands you would recommend me looking into that sell quality/affordable dairy products with minimal cruelty? Thanks! I am a vegan and have been since 1993. For info on what the various dairy (and other animal product) labels mean, see For me, the issue isn't about "purity" in any sense, though. It's about doing what we can, within reason, to try to reduce the amount of suffering we're causing.
Does HSUS talk about their long term goals for animal advocacy (beyond, say, the next 10-20 years)? I'm a firm believer that progress begets progress, though not in a self-executing way. As we make gains in terms of protecting animals from cruelty, I believe there'll be a natural tendency to strive for continuous improvement. In terms of goals in that timeframe for farm animals, at a minimum there should no longer be extreme confinement practices like gestation crates for pigs, battery cages for hens, veal crates for calves, etc. As well, the number of animals being raised/killed for food, I think will continue to decline. It's already fallen by half a billion in the last five years in the US. (We slaughtered 9.5 billion land animals for food in 2007, compared to 9.0 billion in 2012.)
Are you optimistic that plant-based 'meats', cheeses, and other products will make a dent in this? The amount of venture capital money flowing in to some of these new firms (Beyond Meat, Hampton Creek) sure is exciting and a good sign. I couldn't agree and yes, I'm very optimistic about that.
You have to have a lot of guts to go in and do the undercover investigations. 1) to be able to contain yourself and keep cool while people are harming animals in front of you, and 2) to be able to go home and sleep knowing all that horrible stuff is happening. Do you feel some of the things you have seen will give you PTSD or anything? I know that I feel the weight of the animal abuse in the world on my shoulders and I don't even see it first hand. I am sure the reward of saving the animals outweighs the negative but what is your comping mechanism? I used to do investigative work when I worked at Compassion Over Killing, an organization I founded. Since coming to HSUS, that's not part of my work anymore, but I have the highest respect and admiration for those who do. These are brave, caring people who risk themselves in order to shine a bright light on a dark world of animal abuse that too often remains hidden from the public. It's very difficult work, but knowing that (1) the abused animals have it much worse, and (2) if you're not there, no one will ever find out about these cruelties, helps to make the work more bearable.
Mr. Shapiro, thanks a lot for doing this. Can you explain the "ag-gag" bills in simple terms and tell us what the public can do to stop them? Ag-gag bills, aka whistleblower suppression bills, aim to criminalize those who would document animal abuse at factory farms and slaughterplants. Eleven states have intro'd them in 2013, while none have passed. Last year though, states like Iowa and Utah did pass them. At the moment, TN Gov Bill Haslam has an ag-gag bill on his desk, and we're urging him to veto it. More at
What would you recommend for someone who wants to eat a more humane, heart healthy, environmentally conscious diet, but with limited or no access to mock meats or tofu? While plant-based meats and tofu are great, there are plenty of other high-protein animal-free foods too, such as beans, lentils, whole grains, nuts, seeds, etc.
If you're interested in cutting back on your animal consumption, you may find helpful. If you're interested in what the animal welfare labels mean on animal product packaging, you may find helpful.
How many pancakes could you eat in one sitting? I'm embarrassed to admit it, but we're all friends here, right? So, here it goes: I one time won--yes, won--a burrito-eating contest, after eating more than four Chipotle-sized burritos. (This was before Chipotle was in DC.) While I regretted doing that for days afterward and never did something so stupid again, I believe there's very little limiting how much I can eat...
What do you think about the film Earthlings? Do you think there's any unnecessary sensationalism in it? It's a powerful film. I agree: it's powerful. Tough to watch, but potent.
While I'm not against what you are doing (and am certainly no economist), wouldn't enacting these laws negatively affect our economy? Do you have any rebuttal to monetary questions? (i.e. cost to farmers, corporations, increase in food prices). Again, not against your cause. Thanks for the AMA! Numerous major cost-conscious food buyers like McDonald's, Costco, Burger King, and others are requiring that suppliers start improving animal welfare. If these food giants can do it, it's viable. Of course, one reason we have factory farming of animals is because there's been a pressure to cut corners to drive down costs, often at the expense of animal welfare, environmental problems, food safety concerns, and worker safety problems, too.
What is your opinion of Temple Grandin? Dr. Grandin has done a lot to reduce the suffering of cattle at slaughter.
I am a struggling vegetarian. I am tempted, although I know what goes on at factory farms. My friend told me to knock off the posts I share about abuse at factory farms. She says that I am one-sided and that there are humane slaughterhouses- "look at Temple Grandin slaughterhouses." Where are these human slaughterhouses, and what are your thoughts about them? Many of the 3rd party animal welfare certification programs don't deal with slaughter conditions, but the bigger problem for farm animals is the 99% of their lives prior to reaching a slaughter plant. Farm animals spend less than 1% of their lives inside a slaughter plant. The suffering they endure on factory farms (where more than 9 out of 10 animal products come from) is immense.
What advice would you give to someone who would like to become an animal activist but doesn't know where to start? Great question! There are many fantastic animal groups out there to volunteer for and no shortage of animals who are in need of your voice. I'd start with thinking about what type of advocacy you're passionate about: farm animal protection, wildlife, animals in labs, dogs/cats, etc. I'd then start reading and watching videos about that topic. Once you've zeroed in on a target area to work on, perhaps start volunteering for groups working to to help those animals. This is a wonderful and broad social justice movement seeking to build a more humane society for all of us, and you will be welcomed with open arms when you want to start advocating for animals. A few books that have been very helpful for many people interested in learning more include Matthew Scully's Dominion, Peter Singer's Animal Liberation, and Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals. And of course, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle's The Bond! :-)
Can we get an opinion from you on China's current massive over-fishing fiasco, what possible damages it's causing as a whole, and how we as concerned bystanders can get involved and help save our oceans? I agree with you: Over-fishing is a massive problem, both in China and elsewhere. We should eat fewer fish, to put it very simply.
1) What is your opinion of activist groups like PETA ? Do you believe their actions are having a positive effect both in terms of the direct results and also in raising awareness or is it making things difficult? 1) They're a very different organization from HSUS and we don't really work much together, but they of course want to help animals.
2) How do you feel about the contrast of Foie Gras bans in certain areas while some large scale, more despondent meat producing out fits like pork, poultry and beef have no real movements to enhance the quality of life of these animals within the same political theater? 2) Force-feeding birds for foie gras is certainly cruel and should be banned, but so is (and should) cruel practices like gestation crate confinement of pigs, battery cages for laying hens, etc.
I was looking at the HSUS website and saw the HSUS University. What kind of jobs would a graduate from HSUS U be prepped for? Does the University help place graduates. Humane Society Univ is a great resource for folks looking to work full-time in animal advocacy or learning more about animal protection issues. More at Link to
Will legislation ever pass to ban the formation of puppy mills? Yes, many states are cracking down on puppy mills, and rightfully so. Here's one of our latest efforts on this: Link to
Hi - thanks for all your doing to keep the human race 'human'. What is your perspective on the Amy Meyer case? The Meyer case in Utah shows just how much the factory farming industry has to hide: Rather than trying to prevent animal abuse in slaughter plants, the industry wants to prevent people from finding out about the abuse by making it a crime to take a photo of animals at such facilities. That's what the law in Utah does: criminalizes photo/video-taking at animal ag operations. It's shameful, but a helpful reminder of how much the animal ag industry is trying to hide.
You wouldn't of been the one that shut down that horrible pig farm in Wheatland, Wyoming, would you? Yes, HSUS is the group that exposed the Wyoming pig factory that was supplying pigs to Tyson Foods. Our investigation there so far has led to five criminal convictions and will likely lead to more.
More on that at Link to
How much can you bench? Oh, Drew. The most I ever benched was 255, but I couldn't do it now, alas...
How do you feel about The Human Society working with Michael Vick? A lot of animal lovers will never forgive what he did... It seems odd to me that your organization was willing to work with him. HSUS was instrumental in getting Vick convicted. Once he got out of prison, we knew it would be more helpful to enlist him in the effort to stop dog-fighting than to perpetually flog him, which wouldn't prevent more dogs from being fought.
Three years ago, I knew it would be controversial to enlist Michael Vick in our outreach work in inner-city schools. But today this is hardly news, since I’ve talked about it on 60 Minutes and ABC's Nightline, wrote a chapter on it in The Bond, and discussed it in so many other platforms, as a way to raise awareness of the problem of dogfighting in our society. Since Vick's case came to light, we’ve upgraded laws against animal fighting in 40 states, and passed a new federal law to ban possession of fighting animals and to make it a federal felony.
I’ve also spoken, together with Vick, to thousands of inner-city kids about the evils of dogfighting. The point was to have a guy like Vick, who grew up on inner-city streets and got drawn into the world of dogfighting, warn these kids away from the activity. His target was not our base of supporters, but kids and others who don’t normally get exposed to our messages. Now those kids have become converts to our cause, and many of them are speaking out against dogfighting in inner-city neighborhoods and starting animal protection clubs at their schools.
Paul, it's very impressive that you've dedicated the vast majority of your life helping animals. What in your life led you to that? Did your family have a lot of pets? A sibling who acted like an animal sometimes? Thanks for your kind words. I did always have dogs growing up and I loved them like brothers and sisters. But what really motivates me to advocate for animals is the fact that they have no voice, but are so routinely abused.
As Harriet Beecher Stowe noted, “It's a matter of taking the side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done.”
She wasn't explicitly referring to animals there, but the sentiment fits very well in my view. I'm driven to help animals because they're so vulnerable in the face of the vast power differential we hold over them.
Hi Paul. If I want to get involved in stopping Ag Gag bills at the state level, what's the best way to do that? What state do you live in?
I live in south central Pennsylvania. Great! Here you go: Link to
How much more expensive would meat be if we didn't torture animals horribly to prepare it? Numerous cost-conscious retailers like McDonald's, Costco, and more have recently required that their suppliers phase in better animal welfare practices. If the cost associated with such improved treatment were high, I doubt they'd be doing this.
You are an awesome advocate for animals. Besides for being vegan how can I be as awesome as you are without feeling sad all the time (currently I run a plant based eating group and am in the process of starting a vegan small business)!? Well first, thanks -- you're very kind. Second, there's nothing awesome about being sad, so try to avoid it! :-) Good for you for running that eating group! Here are more ways to give animals a voice: Link to
Were you in anyway involved with the making of Earthlings? If so, in what way? Thanks for your hard work. I didn't make the film, but I admire Shaun Monson, the guy who did.
Would you rather save a farm full of animals from being slaughtered, or save one person from modern slavery? What motivates you towards animal protection and could you use the same skills to help protect people? If you're ever presented with that scenario in real life, please call me up! I'd be fascinated.
In all seriousness, you may be interested in the fact that the animal protection movement in the US and UK was actually founded by former anti-slavery activists after they'd won. (In fact, the first animal protection group in the US was founded in 1866 -- one year after the 13th amendment banning slavery.) There's a theme here: the same people motivated to protest the abuse of powerless humans are often also the same people who protest the abuse of powerless animals.
I recommend reading more especially about William Wilberforce, the famed anti-slavery crusader in Britain who then co-founded the RSCPA (for animals) after they'd won their anti-lavery campaign.
My family has raised cattle for over 100 years. We raise our cattle humanely and most think they are pets eating out of your hand. But, once they are on the trailer to market and unloaded at auction we lose all control of the operation. My question: Is there a network of slaughterhouses that don't feed lot and bulk up? Grass fed specific? How do we control from pasture to slaughter without going to auction or through auction? I'm not sure, but you may want to ask about that. They would likely know better than I.
What is your opinion about labs using rats in testing? Link to
What do you think about dolphins being in captivity? Link to
Do you support or condemn genetic engineering research? Link to
Why is everyone so pissed about the animal shelters thing? They're not. These are folks rallied by a meat industry front group calling itself "HumaneWatch" which attacks HSUS and other animal welfare groups. The folks who run that group also attack groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Centers for Disease Control. Want more on them? Here you go: Link to
Why do you think people get so defensive when they find out you fight for the rights of animals? Do you think it's because people get uncomfortable when they realize that your moral compass might be more finely tuned than theirs? Thanks. I do think that telling people that you fight for animals can sometimes make them examine their own ethics and actions in uncomfortable ways.
You are a badass! Thanks for doing what you do, what can I do to help the cause? Thanks! This may be helpful: Link to
What is your opinion on the use of animals for biomedical research? Not my area of expertise, but this may be helpful: Link to
What is your most compelling argument for adopting a plant-based (animal product free) diet? I am a vegetarian, and despite my best efforts, I have a difficult time helping my friends and family truly see the validity of it. You may want to show them a great film called Forks Over Knives.
Any relation to George Shapiro? I remember seeing that name in the credits of numerous Seinfeld episodes! Alas, I don't know the guy, but if he's down with Jerry, I wish I did.
What do you think of the various European efforts to ban ritual slaughter (halal and shechita)? Kosher slaughter exemptions allow animals to have their throats cut while still fully conscious. As a Jew, I'm very uncomfortable with the thought that there are easy ways to render animals insensible prior to cutting their throats but that those methods wouldn't be used because of the letter of the rule. Fortunately, there's movement in some Jewish and Muslim circles to reform this system in order to reduce animal suffering.
This may interest you: Link to
Are you vegetarian yourself? If not, what meat do you think it is OK to eat? I don't eat animals, which is a decision I made in 1993 and feel good about. Interestingly, the trend in the US at this time doesn't seem to be that overwhelming numbers of people are becoming strict vegetarians, but large numbers of people are cutting back on their animal consumption, which is the primary reason per capita meat consumption fell by more than 12% in the US from 2007-2012.
Why all the downvotes on posts? Is this thread hijacked by idiots and factory farming? Open a fucking book. You're right. A meat industry front group did an alert to its supporters asking them to do that. It's a shame, but it's flattering to be campaigned against than to be ignored, of course.
Which companies are the biggest perpetrators of animal cruelty? I find it would help people to know which companies are the biggest violators so they could boycott or voice their opinions directly. Tyson Foods has one of the most sordid track records when it comes to animal cruelty. For example, see Link to
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What do you think is causing the increase in gluten intolerance? (Or is it just a fad in the US - perpetuated by the big retailers and food companies?) There does seem to be a real increase in both gluten intolerance and celiac disease, for as yet unexplained reasons. I looked at this for my new book, and found several interesting theories: our gut microbiota has been damaged by our diet, and this may disorder the immune system, so that it attacks the wrong proteins (such as gluten). We're also exposed to a lot more gluten--it's in tons of processed foods. Also, we bake bread differently-- fast-rising instead of sourdough fermentations, which seems to break down the peptides that lead to reaction. Some people with intolerances can tolerate slow-fermented breads. And lastly, we've been breeding wheat to have more and more gluten. And lastly lastly, the power of suggestion-- gluten intolerance is "catching" thanks to the power of suggestion.
If we’ve been eating genetically modified food for 18 years, why are we finally trying to label GM’s now? Why are we, as a nation, dependent on Big Food? If the labeling of GMs pass, will this stir a war on the food industry? Why is it important to know if our food is genetically modified? More than 40 nations have GM labeling, but the U.S. does not – why haven’t the U.S. began labeling GMs earlier? Do you think there’s fear of a strike from the food chain? We've been trying to label GMO foods since we began eating them 18 years ago, but the industry has fought it at every stage-- FDA, Congress, White House, state legislators. This is the rare opportunity, here in California, for the public to finally get heard on the issue. I'll answer one of those--the other answers are in the article. Monsanto and its allies have kept us from labeling GM food, something that 80-90% of the population has consistently said it wants. Democracy is finally breaking out around this issue in California. But if it succeeds here, it will probably become the national normal, which is why prop 37 matters to everyone. It's important to know how our food is made so we can vote, with our purchases, for the kind of food we want to eat. Simple as that.
Should meat producers be required to list the feed, hormones, and antibiotics used in the raising of their animals? Should consumers be given access to witness living conditions of animals? How much transparency is enough transparency? Also, who would win in a fight between you and Jonathan Safran Foer? ;) I look forward to a day when there will be a second bar code on all food products that, when scanned, brings up pictures and complete info on the way the food was produced-- images of the farm, diet of the animals, pharmaceuticals administered, slaughter date, etc etc. We can do this now technologically-- what we need are consumers pushing for this info, which would clean up animal agriculture in a flash.
Michael -- Can you articulate what the differences are between regular sugar and high fructose corn syrup? And, why we think that High Fructose corn syrup is worse for us? As far as we know HFCS and sugar are functionally the same-- my objection to HFCS is not that it is more toxic than sugar, but that it is more ubiquitous, and subsidized by our government. Also it's worth avoiding because if you avoid it, you are automatically avoiding processed foods. What home cook ever uses HFCS?!?!?
I constantly tell friends that when they shop for groceries, they're voting for food policy with what they buy. What would be your suggestion to raise awareness about the revolving door between USDA/FDA policymakers and BigAg? What would be your suggestion to eliminate this blatant conflict of interest? The revolving door is a big problem. I talk in my NYT pieces about the lawyer who cowrote the rules on GMOs for the FDA-- he was a Monsanto lawyer before, and became a Monsanto exec afterward, and he's now in charge of Food Safety at FDA. These are the folks supposedly looking out for us.
In the food movement, people of color are too often "on the table" rather than "at the table." Furthermore, when gentrification, legacies of racism, and sustainable food are unfortunately intertwined, what's the next steps the food movement must take--the biggest opportunities--to leverage food as a tool to dismantle racism? Agreed, that the food movement has been vulnerable to charges of elitism. However, activists seems highly sensitive to this charge and are working hard to democratize the benefits of good food-- see what's happening in urban agriculture, farmer's market vouchers for SNAP recipients, etc. But this is the frontier now, no question.
You've written eloquently about all the bad things that come from eating/raising meat. You had a essay contest to defend eating meat, but the finalist was lame. Why do you still eat meat? I still eat meat --though not much of it-- because I like it and I believe there are ways to raise it that is good for the land, the farm, our health and the welfare of the animals. See my chapter in Omnivore's Dilemma, "An Animal's Place" for the complete argument.
Dear Michael Pollan, I am currently a Freshman at Columbia University and for my University Writing course, we need to write a conversation essay surrounding your article, "An Animal's Place" (an excerpt from The Omnivore's Dilemma). I was wondering if you could respond to a query I had. I recently read a New York Times article about how McDonald’s is going to far lengths in order to provide its Hindi customers vegetarian options in India. Even though McDonald’s does not sell beef in India, there is still outrage against the chain for its association with killing cows. Brian Reynolds Myers claims in his article, “Hard to Swallow,” that killing animals is wrong in it of itself. He uses examples from Julie Powell’s “Lobster Killer,” your The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and other religious and cultural examples in order to show that the slaughter of animals is immoral. Myers’s motivation in doing so is that he sees killing animals for food as morally wrong. I plan on using a conversation between your article, “An Animal’s Place” (an excerpt from The Omnivore’s Dilemma), Myer’s article, and myself in order to try and explain why McDonald’s has been forced to make these changes in its Indian restaurants and what the implications of this are. This controversy will help us understand the implications of a large number of people believing that eating animals is immoral and shows that it is plausible to be a vegetarian. It also helps us understand what you mean when you quote a 19th-century political philosopher, “If all the world were Jewish, there would be no pigs at all” (61). This implies that if a large enough percentage of the population did not eat certain types of foods, they would disappear. Myers disagrees with this notion when he states, “I can’t help thinking, though, that with hamburgers and milk shakes conquering deeply rooted diets from Mexico to Micronesia, America’s eating habits may well be the most stable in the world” (3). The implications of Myers’s statement are that food culture spreads throughout the world. Contrary to this, the backlash against McDonald’s restaurants in India shows a country that is not ready to put hamburgers on their dinner plates. This leads me to the question, what does it take to change someone’s diet? Sincerely, Sandman730. TL;DR: I heard about McDonald's in India needing to take measures to please their vegetarian customers there and still numerous people are outraged at them for selling beef elsewhere. What are your thoughts on this issue? Especially, what does it take to change peoples diets? Good to know what the BR in BR Myers stands for. At some level, this question of morality is deeply personal and cultural-- you can't argue someone out of a moral conviction. You can tell stories, and the stories I tell, as you know, are about "good farms" where animals gets to live in a way that allows them to express their creaturely character, suffer one bad day, and contribute to an ecosystem that is sustainable and based on the sun rather than fossil fuel energy. My argument is from ecology not moral philosophy-- these are difficult questions, and I applaud you for trying to come to your own understanding. Most people don't even deal with the question-- which is one reason I have ultimate respect for vegetarians and vegans: they are thinking through their food choice. We all need to do that!
Are you currently working on any new books? If so can you tell us what you are researching right now? Just finished a new booked called "COOKED: A Natural History of Transformation." I look at cooking, baking, fermenting, and grilling as technologies for transforming nature that have in turn transformed us, at the level of the species, community, family, and individual. I apprenticed myself to masters of fire, water, baking, and microbial transformation, and learned how to do these things I'd never done before. It was a blast.
Hi Michael, thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a longtime fan of your writing and no nonsense take on food. What, in your opinion, is the single worst food trend, or foodstuff, on American menus? The trend of mashing up junk foods seems pretty bad: Tostidos and Taco Bell, that sort of thing.
Hi Michael, I feel like more people are into farm to table and farmer's markets etc. recently? Do you think it's just because it's trendy? Does it matter? It is trendy, but I think it's a trend that's going to last, because it solves so many problems and gives so many satisfactions-- better quality food, a chance to meet your farmer, a gathering place for the community, and on and on. Farmer's markets are the new public square in America.
Hi Michael, I am Karl Haro von Mogel, from, and I have a couple questions for you about genetically engineered crops. You have written about them for a while, it seems mostly in the 1990s. In 2004 you said that GMOs would be gone in ten years - that we won't even be talking about it. (Link to and that was eight years ago. We're still talking about it, and there is a lot more going on than just Bt and roundup-ready crops. With only two years left on this statement, you again announced during your recent visit to Australia that the GM Debate will be dead within the decade. (Link to You said almost the same exact thing: "In ten years we won’t be talking about it [GM]. It hasn’t been that successful." If you look at the number of crops and traits coming out, now internationally as well as here in the U.S., and the new companies developing traits along with developing countries making their own home-grown versions, how can you maintain this belief? When can we see you put the time into researching where the technology is going (and not just what Monsanto is doing) that this topic demands? I would really like to hear your in-depth thoughts on this topic but I can't shake the feeling that you aren't reading deeply about it. My second question is, if you have the time to respond, when I had dinner with you in 2010 at Chez Panisse, you said that you believed that public opinion on genetically engineered crops will change when there are more consumer-oriented traits, like nutritionally enhanced crops. (Link to Is that still your opinion? Hello Karl: My predictions probably need to be updated, but I hold to my position that the industry has not lived up to its promise. After 18 years, it's still mainly about BT and Round-Up Ready, two traits I was told by Monsanto scientists were baby steps on the way to really useful products. The industry's vulnerability flows directly from this failure to introduce crops people see a value in eating. Labeling is terrifying because when consumers can make the choice, they see no reason to choose GM when it offers them nothing but a potential risk. And now these mainstay crops are losing their effectiveness, as Round Up resistance spreads in weeds and insects develop resistance to BT. The industry' answer? Crops resistant to much more toxic herbicides-- Dicamba, and 2-4,D. It's the same old pesticide treadmill, I'm afraid-- and not the "new agricultural paradigm" we were promised. Where's the beef?
Big, big fan, Mr. Pollan. Though less big these days thanks to good nutrition advice, gleaned largely through your books. What do you think about the current state of teaching nutrition in our schools? What more can be done to set a solid foundation in youngsters, from all demographics, for eating healthier throughout life? We need to make lunch part of the school curriculum-- growing it, cooking it, learning about what food does to our bodies. It's as important as any other subject.
The US currently uses the "Generally recognized as safe" standard. Should that change, and if so, how? I don't think we have proven yet that GM foods deserve to be considered GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) or "Substantially equivalent"-- these are assertions, not scientific facts. In the case of BT crops --plants engineered to exude pesticides-- there is a new protein being expressed in that plant. The FDA didn't even both deciding whether it was safe because the protein is a pesticide, not a food-- and therefore kicked the can to the EPA.
I've always felt that hunting and fishing--including preserving wild lands and waters--is left out of the whole "Eat good food, not too much, mostly plants" movement. Wild game and fish are certainly among the most healthy foods out there and like gardening, hunting/fishing brings one closer to his food than anything else. Have you ever considered hunting your own food? I couldn't agree more-- read about my hunting adventure in The Omnivore's Dilemma. I believe that the most sustainable, healthiest, and most morally defensible meat comes from animals that you hunt.
I've read the Omnivore's Dilemma and loved it. What do you think of new evidence that low fat diets can be unhealthy and that fat is actually good for us? I'm thinking of Gary Taubes' work especially.. We've been obsessing about dietary fat since the 1970s but guess what? There is very little evidence --two studies out of hundreds-- that found any link between saturated fat and heart disease. It appears that refined carbs are a much more serious problem, linked to all the chronic diseases. Fat is fat-- it is high in calories-- but it is also essential to health and has gotten a bad rap.
OK but there is a big potential conflict lurking here. If it turns out that a diet based almost entirely on animal fat and protein is best for us and at the same time that such a diet is the worst for the planet, what should we do? We can't be eating more meat-- the planet can't take it. Plant-based diets are the key, meat should be treated more as a flavor principle --as it is in traditional Asian diets-- and not the center of the plate. To exonerate saturated fat is not to say we should all eat 16 ounce steaks! plants are still better for you, and lots of red meat is correlated with higher rates of cancer.
Hi I’m currently a freshmen at college in Portland and I’m really impressed with the work you’ve done. I’ve read you book In Defense of Food and it really changed how I see food and has motivated me to try and do more about it. I was hoping you could help me figure out how. As a college what can we do to help promote eating real food and following many of the suggestions you line out? What organizations could clubs interested in Food Justice become involved with to have a greater impact on the world and Food Justice? How can an individual get involved to help the Food Justice cause? Students have a big role to play in reforming school food. Sart by organizing, then seeking meetings with the food service director to tell him/her your concerns and wishes. Then start exerting pressure. Consider planting a garden and providing produce to the food service. Check out the Realfood campaign for others doing this work on campuses across the country.
Thoughts on the paleo diet? Interesting, but harder to do than it might seem, since modern meat is a world away from paleo meat-- which was raised in factory farms, fed grain, and given pharmeceuticals. But the emphasis on reducing refined carbs is a positive. Still, it's a diet, and I don't think diets do much.
Do you expect that the labeling of GMOs will impact the use of that rather meaningless "natural" label on packaged goods? In California, if prop 37 passes, the abuse of the word natural should stop, because if a product has GMOs in it, you can no longer use the word.
What do you think of the increase in occurrence of food allergies (nuts, eggs, gluten, milk, etc)? Allergies: a mystery why they are so much more common than a few decades ago. Several intriguing theories: hygeine hypothesis (we're not exposed to enough bacteria as kids in our sanitized world); unhealthy guts (the western diet has screwed up the microbiota in our intestines, which regulates our immune response; cell phone. (Just kidding on that one!)
If there was one food rule that you could make every person on the planet follow, what would it be? Why? Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
Or to simply further: Eat real food.
I work for a company that is part of the industrial food complex, making various fertilizers and crop protection products. After reading your books I have a bit of cognitive dissonance – on one hand I feel that I agree with most of your assertions, but on the other I know the company I work for is well-meaning and our products help real farmers maximize their profits. I am in IT so I don’t deal with any real business decisions and my views won’t change anything at the company. It feels weird to leave my job at an industrial food company and go pick up a delivery of local pastured chicken. Any advice? Before you quit your job, think about driving change from within. What about more sustainable crop protection products? Organic farmers need those too.
Have you read "The Locavore's Dilemma?" What did you think? Do you have plans to write a formal response? No plans to reply, but I do answer questions about it. Important to look at the questions in a broad way-- buying local is a complex call, not just about saving energy. It's about saving farmland and farmers, about quality, about a great many other values that this new economy allows us to express with our buying decisions. And then there are the times where NOT buying local is the best choice-- to support sustainable agriculture in others places, such as lentils in Montana (a crop that is allowed big grain farmers to get more sustainable). Don't let anyone simplify this questions for you!
Have you asked either of the Obama's about getting rid of Michael Taylor at the FDA? I don't get to ask the Obama's anything, I'm afraid.
My father had a heart related issue a year ago and has since switched to a purely vegetarian/vegan diet along with a continued use of supplements. His cardiologist doesn't take the diet switch seriously as an important aspect of health, and even goes so far as to suggest that all supplements (like niacin, fish oil etc.) are harmful if not obtained from a pharmaceutical company. Whats your thought on this apparent trend in disdain for individual health advocacy? Never forget that doctors know remarkably little about nutrition-- ask your doc how much training she/he had in school. It's usually measured in minutes.
Michael, This is the most important question: what's your favorite 'guilty pleasure' food? I love chocolate and cheese but feel no guilt about them. In moderation!
Much of the arguments against GMOs are based on fear-mongering (e.g. "We don't know the long-term effects of GMOs!" "Big bad companies like Monsanto support GMOs, so they must be bad!") rather than actual science. Indeed, scientific studies have repeatedly found that GMOs confer no apparent risk to consumers. I am all for public information, but I don't believe it's necessary to "warn" the public about the "risk" of something when there is no scientific evidence that the risk exists. Furthermore, many of the claims of the anti-GMO crowd consist of outright misinformation as to the realities of genetic engineering - especially in light of the fact that all of the plants and animals we eat have undergone strong human selection that has rendered them vastly unlike their wild ancestors (e.g. maize vs teosinte). Would you favor legislation to require warning people of the dangers of eating artificially bred foods? For a scientifically informed view, see for example this post by UC Berkeley biology professor Michael Eisen. My question for you is, why do you support a measure that does not have solid support from the scientific community? Who's talking about "Warning"? This is just about transparency and information. The idea that a label implies danger is false-- if we have any reason to believe a food is dangerous, we don't label it, we take it off the shelves! (Or so I hope.) The issue here is not science. The FDA decided irradiation of food was perfectly safe, yet required labeling. How is this different?
What do you think about alternate day calorie restriction and its perceived health benefits? I generally don't like diets. More important to gradually change your everyday habits, because diets seldom last.
Hi Michael, I am worried about PROP 37. With Monsanto spending so much money on their campaign what is the best way to get the truth out to voters? In fact the industry's campaign is taking its toll on support-- down 20% since the ad blitz began. The ads are completely misleading, but the YES campaign doesn't have money for TV ads. Go to their website for convincing responses to industry charges that prop 37 will raise prices, create lots of paperwork, and has special interest exemptions-- none of this is true.
I read Botany of Desire in school a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. I found the section focusing on the apple most interesting. What can I do, as a consumer, to encourage healthy apple growing practices? Buy obscure apples, not just the big four, and buy organic when you can afford to.
So often eating right seems either expensive, time consuming, or not widely available. What's one change everyone could make to improve their diet without changing their food budget or driving across town to Whole Foods? Cook. Nothing will do more to improve your diet, your family life, and your outlook.
Do you think the current food movement will eventually push factory farming out? I like to hope that because their practices are unsustainable and are being increasingly recognized as harmful, they will be forced to become sustainable sooner or later. Maybe that's looking too far into the future. It'll be a long time before CAFOs are dismantled, but there's a lot of important reforms we can institute now: No antibiotics in the feed; animal welfare standards (no sow crates or battery cages); full compliance with clean air and clean water laws; local control over zoning and siting issues. These changes would go along way to making these places better neighbors, better stewards, and no longer an outrage to conscience.
Hi Mr. Pollan. I really love your books and philosophy. And I also love Sally Fallon for what she says about natural fats and just generally her approach to food. Do you have any critiques of her philosophy? Where do you think your philosophies overlap and where do they differ? There's a lot of overlap with Sally Fallon, though I am surely more measured about animal protein and a much bigger fan of plants.
What incentives, if any, do you see for the open sourcing of GMO research? Monsanto simply should not be allowed to used its contracts to prevent scientific research. That will be a start. We also need to take a second look at the law around IP for living organisms, which is full of problems-- as the Supreme Court may be recognizing. They just agreed to hear a case challenging Monsanto on seed-saving-- a very interesting development. Stay tuned.
Mr. Pollan: I'm appointing you Czar of the Agriculture Department for three days. You get to do one big policy thing each day--abolish a policy; replace a bad policy with a good one; or gin up a completely new policy. What would you do each of those three days? Check out the piece I wrote in fall 2008, Farmer in Chief-- lays out a food and farming policy for the US. You can get it on my website,
Last week's poll numbers (Pepperdine U, Cali Business Roundtable) show 37's support among likely voters has dropped from nearly 70 to below 50 percent. Thoughts? Yes, negative advertising works when it is not answered, and the Yes on 37 campaign doesn't have the dough. notice that none of the ads against prop 37 ever mention the words "genetically engineered" or "genetically modified" --why do you think that is?
What do you think about the new trend of super foods like gogi, macca and cacao powder vs. eating local/what our great grandparents used to eat? I think superfoods are mostly a marketing hype. All plant foods have important nutrients and various phytochemicals. It isn't clear we have nutritional deficits that require huge dose of any single micronutrients-- some people, maybe. That said, I love blueberries and pomegranates, and the fact that there are superfoods I take as a nice compliment, but they were popular before and will continue to be.
I'm a huge fan. Botany of Desire is one of my favorite books and has led to me furthering my studies in horticulture. I've always wondered, what led to your later works focusing more on the culture of human food? Would you ever consider returning to the themes of botany that BOD explored? Yes, I remain interested in plants of all kinds, including drug plants, and hope to expand my range again at some point.
How about pesticides? Where do they fall on your scale of importance? Some early studies seem to indicate they may be involved with the spike in autism. Thoughts? Pesticides are high on my list of concerns, which is why I buy organic or pesticide-free when I can. We know these are toxins, the EPA "tolerances" are full of problems, and the science is worrisome.
Can you speak at all on the importance of probiotics in overall health, as well as your thoughts on vitamin C? Probiotics are critical, but best gotten from real foods-- ferments of various kinds. Vitamin C? Essential.
What specific policies do you think need to change, in order to reduce the negative influences of "Big Food" on our food selection and availability? Let's start by instituting rules on marketing food to children, as we did with cigarettes joe Camel is gone. Now let's do the same for companies selling unhealthy products to our kids.
What percent of "organic" (non-GMO) corn, soy and canola do you really think is non-GMO? (I read the story of Albert Straus testing certified organic feeds for their cows and finding a large percentage was not. I doubt many companies actually do the tests.) There is contamination, without a doubt, but under the organic rules there are tolerances that seems fair.
I love your work Michael Pollen! I have read your book Omnivore's Dilemma and have also seen Food, Inc. It is amazing how many people still do not believe or care that what we eat has a huge effect on our bodies and on our health industry. It seems like there is a group of people that DOES care, though. I am part of the generation that grew up with processed foods. It is also interesting to note that the SAD is slowly being adopted by other developed countries in the world. My question to you is, how do we educate the people that have eaten/drank very highly processed foods their whole life and suffer from anxiety &/or depression, that their psychological problems are probably related to what they eat? I agree that diet probably plays a much larger role in our mental well-being than we give it credit for, and people suffering from anxiety and depression might find relief in getting off the typical high-refined-carb and fat diet. The best argument is when people try eating real food for a week or two and then see how they feel.
I am a journalist student currently in my sophomore year, what would you suggest to help me secure a place in journalism when I graduate? I hope this does not get too buried, thanks for doing this AMA! Internships are the key, I found, to making your way in journalism.
You were always my favorite Python. Funny.
I am curious if you think processed foods and GMO's are responsible for the rise in cancer rates in the US. There's no evidence for that.
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2012.09.01 02:22 tabledresser [Table] IAmA former restaurant employee and food writer that knows many of the secrets of the restaurant industry, AMA.

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Im interested to know more about ice-cubes? Ah, this was an eye-opener for me. So, at most places, they don't do a very good job of cleaning their ice makers. I cannot count the number of times I've had to clean the ice maker and gobs of mold and black stuff comes out of the filters, ice holding bin, etc.
In essence, when you order a drink with ice at a restaurant, there is a high chance it's made contact with or contains mold. Yummy.
Why do safety regulations allow this? Like someone above me said, the regulations are generally pretty lenient. It depends on your state how often you have to clean them. If it is once a year, or once every six months, mold can still accumulate by then.
Should the regulations be changed? I think they should be changed, since it's just not sanitary. As for whether it is dangerous, I'm not sure. I suppose it depends on the type of mold and how it reacts while in the human body.
Who regulates that sort of thing? Federal? Local? Well, food inspectors come in to check it out, but I am pretty sure it is state laws that mandate how often you have to clean things like ice machines.
Have you or any of the chefs ever Intentionally done anything to a meal to get revenge on an asshole customer, I.e. spitting, pubes, etc? Great question. I think my morals are just too in place for me to ever do something to someones food outside of making sure it stays under the light even though the rest of the group's meals are ready.
On the other hand, I have seen a LOT of chefs and line cooks mess up food to get revenge on a customer. A friend of mine in high school (while working there) decided it would be funny to sop up the grease around the salamander (it's basically a super powerful broiler) with the hamburger he was about to make for a customer who insisted that his two prior hamburgers he ordered were overcooked. Let me be clear here though, the guy sat down, ordered, refused the first burger, ordered another, refused the second burger, and then my friend did that to the third one.
Another notable example is when I was working for a local pizza place. A customer ordered a kind of pizza we didn't sell, but instead of asking them to change their order, my manager insisted we make the pizza. A co-worker of mine did not take kindly to this, so he spit all over the dough before making the pizza so it was hidden under the sauce. I tried to interject and tell the manager, but the manager left a few minutes before I could.
To be honest I expected it to be much more common. Maybe in fast food outlets it is. Most expensive meal you have ever made? And are the really dear meals worth it, or is it dear for the sake of being dear? I've never really worked at places that sell a lot of expensive meals. The most expensive thing I've made cost the restaurant $23 to make, so that would be like $40 or so for the customer. It was a lazy man's lobster with lobster bisque sauce (which was a bitch to make by the way) and haricot vert. We overcharged, but it looked pretty good.
As for dear meals, I'd say they are generally worth it. You have to think of dining out at a fine restaurant like an experience. Sure, the food will be great, but you get to be an important person in a very nice place for a while. You get the opportunity to relax and enjoy being pampered and eating food you may never get the chance to again. For every nice restaurant I've been in, I have a story/memory to go along with it that makes it...priceless?
God forbid you actually say something to the co-worker. In my experience, it's usually best to leave someone alone when they are mad in the kitchen. I tried to keep a good report with my co-workers, you know? I said something the burger after the fact, and he just shrugged it off.
Did the guy eat the third burger? To be honest I don't know. I tried asking the server afterward but never got a straight answer. I don't remember what she said, but she was pretty disgruntled as well after running back and forth to the kitchen because of the guy.
Now that I think about it, I really hope she got a good tip.
If it cost the restaurant £23 you're way under charging, industry standard practice is to charge 3x cost price.. Not where I worked. It all depends on your food cost and what kind of yield you get. Sure, if you buy all the ingredients at $6 you can easily get $21 for it at some places, but it's much more appealing to the customer if it's, say, $16 or $14.
The place I mentioned above was a steak and seafood type of place that normally had dishes around $15-$25. So, this was a rarity (and a special) and the chef felt he needed to keep the pricing low in order for it not to be exorbitantly expensive in comparison to the rest of the menu. I said he was overcharging because we actually got the lobsters for free, but called it $23 in the books for some reason (I probably should have put that in the original post now that I think about it).
*rapport. (Sorry that was really bothering me, but I think that this is a super-interesting AMA and I am loving reading it!) Yeah sorry, at the time I was on my phone in the hospital and couldn't be bothered fixing it.
It seems like every chef smokes. Why is that? Doesn't it mess with their taste buds? That's another very good question. I noticed this while I was working, and I am pretty sure the answer is that being a chef is STRESSFUL. It's hard for non-chefs or people not in the industry to understand, but you are often dealing with 5 or 6 meals at one time while trying to listen for more orders. Essentially, you are always busy and always stressing, so cigarettes are a way to relax. I never got into them (thankfully), but I guess the logic makes sense.
How many rats are in the back? proof? The first place I worked in (which was at my school actually...we had a restaurant to teach people in the culinary program) there were a few always in the traps. No one wanted to clean up, so most of the time they just sat there and rotted until we thought we would be inspected.
Not sure how to provide proof really. I have my old uniform somewhere from a culinary college I attended for a while.
That's good. favorite meal from anywhere? I forgot the timestamp thing, but if you trust me, this is a crappy ass photo: Link to
That's my CIA chef jacket.
Anyway, every time I hear a chef or someone who works in the business answer the question of your favorite meal, my favorite answer is "the one I don't have to make." I like that.
YOU WERE IN THE CIA?! HOLY SHIT!! weirdest story? coolest? worst meal? Lol, no. It's the Culinary Institute of America. I can't even tell you how many times I've fielded that question. I probably should have been more clear.
Actually, I'm more impressed that you went to Culinary School of America than some po-dunk Cold War Era relic. From what I know (based entirely on reality cooking shows), that is the premier institute in the United States. You are doubleplus superawesome! Thanks, yeah it's the top school in the country at least. It honestly wasn't hard to get in since I had gone to high school for culinary arts as well.
the stories? Weirdest story- The dorms at the school are pretty nice in general, but the freshman area is less than appealing. One morning I woke up for my 5:30 a.m. (it's been a while, pretty sure that was the time) fish fabrication class, and needed to use the bathroom to shave and whatnot. So, when I entered the bathroom, there was shit all over the walls, some smeared on the mirror (making it useless to me), and pools of urine somehow not going into the sloped drain area. It was really gross and not what I wanted to see before freezing my ass off in the 35 degree fish room for eight hours.
Coolest story: It's hard to pick one, but I'd say my most interesting story was when I was walking around campus and some random lady asked me what I thought of the program. I said it was great but hard work, and see said I'm glad you like it, since my family used to own this land before the school bought it. I felt sort of honored to meet the person who basically made the school possible.
Worst meal: I never really had a bad meal there (for obvious reasons), but the "worst" was probably the day I ended up having roasted duck for the third day straight in the fine dining restaurant that we work in. We are required to eat there when you first start, and for some reason they decided it was duck week or something. I like duck, but after two days of eating it, I was not really down to eat roasted duck with raspberry coulis and mashed potatoes with turnip again.
Cool. cool, cool, cool. great post, and good luck being a spy. BTW where are you working now? "Former restaurant employee." Right now I'm in college (again) as a journalism major, and don't have the time or need to work in another restaurant.
dunk his entire hand into the deep fat frier. Believe what you want, but I saw it on more than one occasion. One time he used the mix that we battered fish with and had it on his hand when dipping it in, which may have helped protect him, but the other time his hand was bare.
To be honest: this is hard to believe. Keep in mind that it was for like half a second since fish floats when it's done.
Check [this out] (Link to That's pretty insane. I thought it was amazing to see someones hand in there for nearly no time at all, never mind a guy that just dunks in hand in there full on!
I notice celebrity chefs (Ramsay, Robert Irvine) wearing hearing aids. It it that noisy in the kitchen and do you or any one you know have hearing loss? It's definitely loud in there. The dishwasher is always running which is extremely loud, and there are pans being dropped, people yelling for food, etc. I had hearing loss before I started, and I can't say whether it really got worse for me or not, but some of my older co-workers used to complain that they could not hear orders come in from time to time. I have a feeling that was due to the noise pollution though and less to do with losing their hearing over time from being in a kitchen.
Have you read Kitchen Confidential? That book convinced me not to be a chef. I've been meaning to read it, as I love Anthony Bourdain, but I have read a few of his other books (Medium Raw and The Nasty Bits) and saw that he pointed out a good amount of things about the industry. He was a lot more bitter than most though.
Have you ever worked with any Gordon Ramsay-types who scream at underlings that the SCALLOPS ARE RAW YOU FUCKING DONKEY until they cry? The Ramsay's who yell and scream at everything because they think they are getting their point across (I worked with a few and I always tuned them out).
The chef who never say anything but expedites well and does his job, and the chefs who fall in between and often get cranky and hot and start yelling because of those reasons (still not to the extend of the Ramsay's though).
And as I said above, yes, I have worked with a few. They make it way more dramatic on the television though.
What sort of info do you have on decaf? I suppose it depends on what you really want to know. When I posted that, I intended on telling you that when you order coffee past like 8 p.m., you are most likely getting decaf even if you order regular. This is because it costs a lot less money to use the decaf that we already have full because hardly anyone orders it than to make up a fresh batch of regular after we run out.
Another interesting thing (to me at least) about decaf is that to actually decaffeinate beans, you have to process them in such a way that you would need very good quality beans just to make coffee that is similar in taste to regular. Most companies don't do that, and instead use crappy beans to cut costs, resulting in pretty horrid stuff. Restaurants often use that crap.
Does that also mean that an order for decaf would possibly come out of the kitchen as regular during the earlier hours in your experience? No, if you order decaf early in the day there is always a pot made. So, feel free to order it when you can, just avoid it later on in the evening. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you don't have to skip ordering coffee at restaurants in the night.
When I posted that, I intended on telling you that when you order coffee past like 8 p.m., you are most likely getting decaf even if you order regular. What! This is really surprising to me. Isn't that illegal (knowingly serving a customer something that is different than what they asked for)? I mean.. isn't it like serving meat to someone who asked for a dish without it, and could possibly be a vegetarian? What if that person was working night shift after dinner and needed the caffeine for some energy? Idk what to tell you...that's just how it works. I suppose they could always make a huff about it.
But I thought you just said that if you order coffee at night, it would probably be decaf. Which is it? Yeah I sort of got jumbled up there. I meant to say, "If you are sensitive to caffeine, you don't have to skip ordering coffee at restaurants in the night." I'll edit it, thanks.
Have you ever found something controversial that could put a certain restaurant out of business? There are lots of things that restaurants do that could get them shut down. Every place I've worked has messed up with holding temperatures of food, the storing of chemicals, etc. Really, all that matters is that you don't get caught.
The nice thing about working in the "real world" is that they never really know when they are going to be inspected. When I was in school, we had a window since they had to be approved by the school before showing up, which meant we had time to clean up and fix our shortcomings.
I've always heard that restaurants (specifically kitchens) are the best places to get cocaine. Thoughts on this? Lol, where did you hear that? I never knew anyone with a cocaine habit, but I think Anthony Bourdain knows more about that than I do :P.
I always wondered what happens with all the spoiled food. For example, the bread that goes hard at the end of the day, or a brown-ish lettuce. Does it all get dumped to the garbage? (it's hard for me to imagine so much food going to waste). Well, we try and use as much of it as possible. You mentioned bread, and when that goes stale we can make it into croutons or breadcrumbs, etc.
In general though, we really do throw all of that out. Though, if you work in a good restaurant with high turnover, most of the food ends up being used. We also get staff meal that uses a lot of the "less than fresh" stuff.
What if someone barely touches their plate. do restaurants re-use the food they serve or do they throw it out? No, there are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding food service. The Serve Safe guidelines say that food that is served to customers, regardless of what it is, cannot be reused in any way.
Now, you will find some places (one of which I worked in) that will reuse butter or creamers that are left out on a table, but in general no actual food is reused. Generally speaking servers will just clear the plates (or busboys) in the garbage near the dishwashing station.
How to save money when eating in a restaurant? Any tricks? Order an appetizer as a meal. At a lot of places they are decent sized and can easily feed one person for half of the price of an entree. -Drink before or after you go. Most restaurants with a bar thrive on their alcohol sales. As obvious as this tip sounds, a fair number of my family had no idea. -If you're okay with eating less than fresh food, order the chef's special. You will save a few bucks and still eat well.
I always got the feeling that restaurants hate me when I order an appetizer as a meal. Do servers think I'm a cheapskate when I do that and maybe give me worse service? Nah, it's a great way to save money and servers don't really mind since they generally end up selling a dessert or something to you along the way.
How do reaturant keep avacado from tuning brown? Acidity like lemon juice halts the browning process. It's the same with things like apples as well. They oxidize, and lemon juice helps them fend that off for a while (not sure of the specific science behind it).
In things like guacamole it's better to use lime juice though, since it marries better with the flavors. That's something I learned at home since I never had the opportunity to make that stuff in a restaurant environment.
How do you estimate the amount of food you need to buy per week? It's complicated. From what I remember (it's been a while) you need to figure out how many covers you are doing on average, and then figure out how much food you think you would need for those covers. In general, the people I knew bought a little more than what they needed, and if there was stuff left over we would make a special later on in the week or use it for staff meal.
Does the accuracy of said estimates make the difference between a profitable and a non-profitable restaurant ? And yes, the business aspects of running a restaurant like food cost, yields, etc. are all essential to running a successful restaurant. I should mention that I was never responsible for that stuff, so that would be a question better answered by a head chef or restaurant manager.
I've always wondered about places with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian that do they really take care of of using different pots/utensils/gloves etc? From what I know on the subject (which is not a lot if I am honest), most places that offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes do not use separate pots and things. If you go to a strict Jewish place, or maybe a vegan place that also serves vegetarian food they probably do.
Seeing that you attended the CIA. I heard not many people make it there, is it really that hard? It's true, and I am no exception. I actually left after only a few months (around 4 or so) because the difficulty level for me was not worth what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to write about food and was told they had a lot of that stuff there, which they don't. It's also extremely expensive. The cost is equal to (or at least close to) a year at Harvard.
Anyway, it's very difficult and I have nothing but respect for the people who get out of there with a degree of any kind.
Did you ever serve for a long duration? or only work in the kitchen? being customer facing all day every day is a very different experience. when you are being treated like absolute crap by people who look like they in no way all benefit society it can be very frustrating. No, the only time I was a server was for a few years in high school, and even then it was only part time. I liked it, but it does get to be a little much at times. I was catering to the elderly almost exclusively, and they were generally easy going, so I'm sure my experience is nothing like yours.
Labor is one single biggest cost in running a restaurant business. How much are chefs, waiters, busers getting paid? Also, what would you look for when you are hiring each of these positions? Again, that's a question for managers and head chefs. I would personally look for people who are well qualified and get along well with others. Being able to speak Spanish helps as anyone knows who has worked in a large kitchen (most people are Mexican in the kitchens).
Any advice on how to land a job as a server? Most of my experience is in the back of the house, but I'd suggest you just try and be as nice as possible and show enthusiasm. if you have any prior experience at all it will help. Just show that you are willing to work and learn from the front of the house employees.
Why is it not more diverse? I'm not being racist or anything at all, it's a real question. In my experience, it's because Mexican-Americans are willing to work hard, long hours for not a lot of money. Most start out at dishwashers and work their way up from there. They are almost always more talented cooks than the more "traditional" European-Americans I've worked with.
IF you had one last meal on Earth, anything you wanted, what would it be? Hm, that's a tough one. Honestly, probably just my mother's meatballs and sauce would do me fine. I like eating fancy stuff as much as the next guy, but if I only had one meal, I'd want it to be something memorable and from the heart, you know?
If it was your last meal it probably wouldn't need to be memorable! True, but I mean it in a sentimental sense I guess.
I feel you, sometimes it is the most simple meals that are the most memorable. I have two follow up questions if you do not mind. First, I am currently starting as a Hospitality Management major in college, I am sure I want to do something in the food and beverage scene, but am not sure if management is the right field for me. Am I making the wrong choice? Question 1: Management is a great field to get into. Sure, we are in a down economy right now (in the U.S. at least) and people are not going out to eat as much, but I know many people who love their jobs and they went to school for HM.
question, most disgusting milkshake you can think of using any edible items. Question 2: Wildebeest milk with dill pickles, caramel, BBQ pork, and "ghost" chiles.
What're the secrets of a seafood restaurant? Is there a certain type of dish that probably isn't too fresh? It's really just like any restaurant. If there is a "chef's special," that's usually the least fresh of the options on the menu. In general though, seafood places get fish every single day, so almost anything you order will be nice and fresh.
Have you ever served expired food, or used expired ingredients? The only thing I've served that was "expired" was some whole milk a few times when kids order it. The truth about milk is interesting. According to food safety guidelines, the "expiration date" is really more of a guess than anything scientifically figured out (kind of obvious). If you want to know when to start checking milk for spoilage, add or subtract one week from the date on the bottle. Basically, you have a week long window from the date either way.
I've read some horror stories about this, so I'm curious if you've ever encountered it. So, while it was expired according to the bottle, it seemed fine to me and I served it.
Yep, smell test. Has yet to fail me! That's actually a common misconception. From my understanding, milk can still be dangerous to consume even when there is no actual smell. Granted, there is basically nothing you can do to tell other than avoid drinking milk that is well past the date on the bottle.
Is it true the restaurants use up all their extra food from the week on Sunday brunch? I have not worked at a place that did brunch, but from my knowledge most of the stuff is fresh. It's hard to fake breakfast stuff, since eggs are really temperamental when it comes to preparation and making sure they are held at the right temperature. When I say fresh, I mean not old. Almost every place that I know that does breakfast stuff on a large scale uses frozen whole eggs in a giant 50 lb. bucket. The stuff reeks.
I've worked in large scale kitchens and they used fresh eggs. I worked in a average place that was a major buffet chain and we used fresh eggs. To me is sounds like you have worked in some low rent shitty places. The only place I ever really made breakfasts was in my high school, and they used those eggs because we did not normally serve breakfast. The other places I worked would have used regular eggs if they could have. The end product tastes the same, it's just gross to work with.
You have questionable credibility. Okay.
What's the worst substitute you've ever seen being put into a meal? Well, one salad had walnuts on it and the person was allergic to all nuts, so they decided to put roasted soybeans in instead. It didn't look very appetizing, but I suppose it avoided the problem.
Do Sushi restaurants use fresh fish daily or do they use frozen? what about low cost Sushi places? This is mostly a guess, but legitimate sushi restaurants almost definitely use fresh fish. As for low cost places, they may use that flash frozen stuff that is "actually safer than fresh fish."
Why do not American eat horse meat? i remember some restaurants that served it then shut down because of protests. I can't say I know, but I figure it's because it's kind of taboo here. A lot of people are into horse riding, not to mention the crazies (my opinion) that protest literally anything related to meat.
So what's the deal with fresh fish and the optimal days to order it? It really depends on the restaurant. A lot of seafood places get stuff in every single day, so there is no best day to get it. If it is not a place that gets in a lot of fish, it could be frozen. The only places I worked had either all fresh fish or all frozen fish (that was only the case in my high school though).
How gross are the ice machines on a scale of 1 - 10 i heard they are very dirty? It depends on the place, but in general from what I have seen both irl and online a 7 or 8 out of 10.
As a chef I second this! It guarantees a break from the kitchen, even if it means inhaling the thing in 2 minutes. And maybe a pack a day smoking might affect the taste buds, but ai don't see it being a problem otherwise. Interesting. I can't say I would have thought of it as a way to get your break. Most of the people I knew who smoked said it was stress relief, especially after a long shift.
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2012.07.18 11:36 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: IAm the first person to be legally recognized as having same-sex parents in Israel. AMA!

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Date: 2012-07-17
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Questions Answers
Are you jewish? I consider myself ethnically Jewish. In terms of religion, I am an Atheist. We do however celebrate Jewish holidays.
My understanding is that homosexuality is much more widely accepted by Israelis than it is here (US). Do you feel that there's a great deal of acceptance and indifference, or is it as controversial an issue there as it is here? It is definitely not as big of an Issue I find. Which is funny, because both religions refer to the same verse as to why homosexuality is wrong. It would be an interesting topic to explore.
At school do you (or did you) get made fun of for this? For having gay parents? Rarely..I was never bullied because of it but some kids made snarky comments once in a while.
Because of the court case? Not at all. Some kids even came up to me and congratulated me. I think most kids were stoked that I was in the news, not the court case.
Do people give you funny looks when you're with your moms? Not funny looks, I would say more curious. Sperm donors for all of us, from different donors.
Also did they surrogate or use a sperm donor or what to have you and your brothers? So technically I have a half-brother and a non-biological brother.
I apologize if someone asked this already, but I'm curious: As the child of a sperm donor, did you ever want to meet your biological father? My mom was a lesbian who got pregnant with me through a sperm donor, and people always found it really weird when I'd say I had no interest in finding or knowing my father. The way I see it, it wasn't like he was a father who walked out; he doesn't specifically know I exist so I feel no connection to him. I'd like to see a picture of him, if possible, just to see if I look like him, but I don't care about ever knowing him. Do you feel similarly? Absolutely. I think being a parent is something that is beyond genetics. Just because I share genes with my sperm donor does not make him my 'father'. The way I see it, a father is someone who raises his child. I would like to see what he looks like though, you know.. For science.
How did you feel going through the whole process (of court and your parents being denied)? I was around 6 when the first cases went on, so I can't remember any of them. But I do remember the Supreme court case, I think the first time i've even heard of this was a few months before the Supreme Court hearing.
Things got pretty exciting a few days before, our lawyer (which was also a lesbian and a good family friend) told us to expect the worst, that the judges could go either way. It's hard to say but I think she was hinting that she thought we will lose the case.
I was warned that there will be a lot of media and so I decided to stay low during the supreme court hearing. Since none of my brothers really wanted to be exposed we were waiting in the lobby, a few meters away from the media frenzy with a family friend. I remember my parents entering the lobby and the flashes started going off. I have never seen my parents so happy. Then the flowers kept coming in. hundreds of people sent us flowers, thank you notes. we had to give some away because we had no more room on any of our tables.
A few days later I realized it's important for people to hear the children's side of the story. And since I was the oldest and the only one who really understood what was happening I agreed to be in a few interviews.
It was very exciting. People came up to me and said that my parents are very brave, and that they made history. It certainly felt that way for me.
As a child of same-sex parents, do you feel that you are more pressured to be gay or lesbian? (I am asking this just because I ran across this belief during some research, and I think it's kinda bogus, but whatever) No not at all. My parents have always made it clear that they will accept me for who I am. Also, they do not believe it's a choice. So it would be silly of them to expect me to 'choose' to be gay.
I would also like to know why you didn't join the military. Awesome! kudos to her! My parents have always been anti-army and so have I, it's a major taboo to not join the army in Israel. Now especially. I moved to Canada and announced that I will not be joining the military, and therefore I am not allowed to live in Israel anymore (I can be in Israel for a max. of 3 months a year)
I'm assuming your mothers are Jewish, have any Rabbis ever given them any problems? Never tried it, I am a 4th generation vegetarian. My mothers are Atheists as well. We do not have any interactions with Rabbis, so I haven't any heard of any good crazy rabbi stories :(
Sick! A fellow ethnically Jewish, atheist vegetarian who opposes the occupations. We are a rare breed.
Your family was the first, as you say, but how many other same-sex adoptions are there now approximately? Do you feel that your family helped break the way in some way? Do you personally know of anyone else in a similar situation to you? According to Wiki there were about 100 same-sex adoptions since the case. I think what my family did was important in two ways 1) Paving the legal path for other same-sex families 2) Raise awareness about gay rights.
I know T"A is quite liberal, but do you honestly see a change in laws concerning same-sex marriage changing in Israel in the near future? The religious/traditional/conservatives are in a minority, but they atill have quite an influence... If there were to be a vote right now, do you think the majority would be in favor? I know a few families, yes. Our lawyer was actually able to adopt her partner's child.
Todah raba shel ha'AMA! Behatslacha *l'atah v'mishpahca shelcha! Gay marriage is tricky, because only religious organizations can issue marriage certificates. There is no such thing as civil marriage. Convincing religious institutions to perform gay marriage seems impossible right now. The only way I could see it happening is if civil marriage were to be legalized. I think most Israelis favor gay marriage.
Edit: *LECHA, I MEANT LECHA!!! Uff, now I'm embarrassed... Vaksha! Todah al ha she'ela!
I heard that Israel honors same sex marriages officiated in foreign countries, alongside couples with different religions who go outside Israel to marry. Do you know if this is true? Yes, that is correct.
Have you had difficulty with the rabanut etc.? Where do you go to synagogue? Also, what city do you live in if you don't mind me asking... I have been to a synagogue about 5 times in my life..All of them for Bar Mitzvas and the likes. I lived in Tel-Aviv, Nowadays I live In Canada.
Whats been your happiest moment as a family? I guess besides being legally considered a family. Also, are your extended family members okay with how your immediate family is "set up" or is/was there any backlash by grandparents or uncles etc? I can't think of 'the' happiest moment.
Thanks for doing this, really cool to read the responses. On my biological mother's side everyone is cool with it. On my non-biological mom's side it's a little different. Her mom (My grandma) refused to visit us or acknowledge my biological mom until my second brother was born. Even today, I feel like the way she treats me and my bio brother and the way she treats my non-bio brother is a different. For example, she only has a picture of my non-bio brother in her living room.
Is it generally accepted when you tell people? Or is there a fair amount of animosity? Some people are surprised, some people have questions. I have never had an encounter where the person said anything negative.
Have you ever wished that you had a 'traditional' family at any point? Nope.
I mean, seeing as this is my only chance to speak to a normal Israeli: What is your opinion on Palestine? I am not adding my own bias. I'm just very very curious. I didn't join the army for a reason...
You do not agree with the occupation, I presume? Do you find that a progressive family like yours, and your own opinions rare in your part of Israel? or is there a growing sentiment regarding the unfair occupation? No. I do not agree with the occupation. I don't think they are rare, but we are not a majority. Most israelis voted right-wing last elections.
I never have heard an Israeli viewpoint in this regard, as you guys tend to get vilified by those who support the Palestinian cause. I think there is a deliberate attempt to prohibit the general public from knowing what is going on in the occupied territories. Those who support the occupation do so because they feel it is necessary for security reasons. Usually when confronting a right-wing israeli about the mistreatment of Palestinians he will say something like "Well, they kill innocent israeli civilians. We only kill militants."
I've heard that Israel (Jerusalem, more specifically) is prepping itself to be the gay capital of the world; NPR had a piece on, what they reported to be a super massive pride parade and celebration. I've also heard that this is in part politically motivated in drawing attention from the West Bank. (A few years back there was a pride parade in Jerusalem and a dude got stabbed by a Hassidic Jew just 10 meters behind me, so they aren't very friendly to the gays there...) Can't comment on the drawing attention away part..I just don't know enough about it. From what Iv'e seen it was mostly the city that was organizing these huge events, not the state..
Knowing that you were the first same sex family in Israel and how important it is for human rights and other potential families; does it affect you? I mean does it make you proud/ feel different or does it not really make you feel any different? It makes me very proud of my parents. I am a strong believer in human and civil rights and am happy to be a part of it.
Do you make an effort to avoid the Hassidic Jews or do they not make you feel threatened? As a Jew who has met enough Johnny Luboviches here in Canada, they have always struck me as a uniquely hateful group. I make an effort to avoid them. If they come up and talk to you it's usually because they're trying to convince you to pray.
One time I was offered 10 shekels if I came into a synagog for service.
Another time I got slapped in the face for refusing to put on Tfillin.
Shouldn't adoption always be "for the good of the children"? How does that differentiate the adoption process for same or opposite gender couples? I'd like to this so. The current law only allows married couples (man and woman) to adopt. However, there are certain 'exceptions'.
One of which is "If the court sees that it is for the good of the child,it is allowed, in special cases, to disregard the criteria"
(This is my own translation, not an official one)
So our whole case relied on this sentence, and argued that it applies in this case. And that is why "for the good of the child" was so important.
Just curious, but what do your parents do for a living? One is a prof. at a university The other is currently a lab coordinator. Used to be a dentist.
From what I was once told, in Israel, two people of the same sex cannot be legally married within the state, but the state recognizes marriages from abroad so if two people of the same sex are married abroad, it carries over to Israel. Is this the case with your family or your mothers are not married to one another? Correct. My mothers are not married. Though now that we live in Canada they could if they chose to.
Do you have/had a girlfriend? How does she feel about your parents or visiting your house? I've had girlfriends before, all of them were a little surprised at first but got used to it. I wouldn't date someone who I thought wouldn't be open minded enough to accept homosexuality anyway.
Are your parents married? And is it confusing when you say 'mum'? Or do you have a special parental name for each one? No they are not. When I was younger I used to call one 'mom' and one 'mommy'. Nowadays I just call them by their names.
אחי קודם כול מזל טוב! לפי התעודה שלך אני מבין שאתה לא גר בארץ? אם כן, מתי עברת לחול? שירתת בצה"ל? תודה יאח :) תודה אחי, עברתי כשהייתי בן 16, ולא לא עשיתי צבא.
I'm a gay mom, congrats on your family! Are you very close to your siblings? Do they pretty much feel the way you do or do they have a different perspective on having two moms? Also, what was the hardest thing about relocating to Canada---was there a lot of culture shock for you or was it mainly our weather? ;) Thanks! We are close.. definitely getting closer now that they are getting older. Yes, we all have the same prospective as far as I can tell. Culture shock for sure, I moved in the middle of grade 9 so it was difficult both socially and academically. 6 years later, I am very glad I moved. And the weather sucks, it rains 8 months of the year..
חושף את הישראלי שבי לרגע, אבל מאיפה הסקת את זה? הוא יכול להיות עתודאי. עריכה: כתוב בכתבה שהוא בן 15.... אז, מה?! I was 2006..
How is babby formed / how same-sex parent get pragnent ? Sperm donation.
Who is your father (yes, you do have one)? I do? I wasn't aware.
Was the move to Canada intended specifically to dodge the draft? Not specifically. My mom got a job offer here, and my parents decided that they don't want us to grow up in Israel..So it was one of many reasons.
If you're in Toronto I would love to buy you a beer or a coffee. I need more fellow lefty Israelis. I find the diaspora here to be extremely right-wing. Sorry dude, I live in Vancouver but thanks for the offer!!
a question, did your mothers decide to get married in Canada? No they haven't, not for any particular reason.
RL.. is your last name Stine? Maybe :0, flip to page 140 to find out.
Weird question, are you living in Vancouver now? Yes.
Mine know 10gag, so it's even worse... 10gag....facepalm...
מזל טוב ושיהיו לכם עוד הרבה רגעים שמחים :) Toda!!
I don't have anything to ask, I'm just here to say I'm very happy for you and your family. Congrats! Hope you and your family have a great life :) Thanks! I hope you and your family have a great life as well
Do you prefer Pool Parties or Waterfights Pool parties, because there is alcohol involved.
Just wandering in to say that your mums are awesome. But then I'm sure you already know that. Thanks! I'll tell them some dude/dudette on the internet said they're awesome.
Nice 'fro! HA! I see you found some old pics of me..I don't rock the fro anymore :(
What's it like being from a country full of assholes towards the pallystinians? [Let's see how much of a political debate people try and turn this stupid comment into] *palestinians.
Refer to my earlier comments.
Are your parents homosexual? Def not.
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2012.03.25 17:39 tabledresser [Table] IAmA boy with LESBIAN PARENTS. I was the first child to be mutually adopted by two people of the same gender in the state of Oregon. AMA

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Date: 2012-03-25
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Questions Answers
Do you call them both mom? has there ever been any confusion with this? Hahahha. YES!! When I was younger I called one "momma" and the other "mommy." However, as I got older I found this to be too childish. The number of times I said "Mom. NO, not you the other one!" millions.
I find this to be incredibly endearing. Your family sounds delightful. Thanks for doing this AMA. You are welcome. Thanks for your kind words.
Did you ever go on family vacations? did people treat you differently b/c there were two moms ? Yes, of course we went on family vacations. I remember my parents complaining about how we received strange looks in Paris and how restaurants gave us poor service. I don't really remember any other time when I received poor treatment.
Did you ever get the impression that your parents were always conscious to avoid any situations where things might get hairy due to homophobia or something? YEAH. My parents went to enroll me in grade school and the principal told them to enroll me in a different school because that school did not take kindly to "people like you." fucking crazy. So I went to a super liberal grade school in a different school district. I didn't know about this until much later in life.
we received strange looks in Paris and how restaurants gave us poor service. I can assure you that this had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of your parents... Hahaha. I have been back since and I agree. That is just what my parents said.
What school was it that rejected you? Curious Oregonian here. Crest Elementary. And they did not reject me, they suggested my parents to take me somewhere else. different.
Sorry you got a bad time in Paris. I'm Parisian myself and it annoys me that my city has a bad wrap because people tend to be rude here. It really depends on who you talk to. Not every café server is an asshole. Just a big chunk of them. Come again and erase that bad image in your head! :) I don't even remember, really. I have been back to Paris with friends and was treated horribly for being not French. Then I met a lovely Parisian guy in Israel and it changed my whole view. No worries.
Why do you think a son and his dad would talk about girls in a sexual or pejorative manner? Hmm, interesting point. I believe I should retract that statement. You are right. I believe I just don't know what a father and son talk about in regards to women. I just assume it is similar to how most men talk to each other about women.
Bet your moms are attracted to those 24-yr-old girls, too. Don't want to give you nightmares, but I'm just sayin' Ummm, I don't think so... maybe, but doubtful. A lesbian finds different things attractive than a heterosexual male.
Really depends on the person. Not all guys have the same taste in women. Same can be said, about lesbians. Just another group of people with one thing in common when you really think about it. Both of us are making a lot of assumptions here.
Couple ones for me. Did you have a Male role model? If not do you think you missed out on any male bonding stuff? Did you get made fun of? Has it ever embarrassed you? Never been embarrassing. EVER. I never really had a male role model. Most, pretty much all, of my friends were/are boys. So if I missed out on anything, I wouldn't know.
Do religious assholes ever come up to you and try to say what your parents believe in is wrong? Or say that you are "a spawn from evil"? I have a christian fundamentalist aunt. She has never said a word... She enjoys living.
This is awesome! I'm a huge suporter of LGBT rights, and seeing someone like you--a successful human being who happened to have same-sex parents--makes me happy to know that all of the lies that get thrown around about children of same-sex couples are total crap. :) What would you say has been the most rewarding thing about being raised by a same-sex couple? What would you say has been the most rewarding thing about being raised by a same-sex couple?
Do you feel at all cheated out of having a father? Do you ever wish that you had been raised in the "typical" mothefather family situation? Do you feel at all cheated out of having a father? Do you ever wish that you had been raised in the "typical" mothefather family situation? I feel more cheated because I never had any siblings. I really wanted a brother or sister. My parents said that they loved me so much they couldn't imagine having another child.
Do you have any siblings? If so, did your parents use the same sperm donor and did the same parent carry you (and supply the eggs)? Do you have any siblings? If so, did your parents use the same sperm donor and did the same parent carry you (and supply the eggs)?
Very cool, thanks for the answers! And I have to agree with you about having loving parents, no matter what their genders may be. Many, many kids aren't so lucky. And I could definitely see this being a plus with women! :) Again, thanks for the AMA! Think about kids that have a single mother or single father. Sounds much more difficult. And thank you for your kind words.
If someone says a "your mom" joke, does it hurt twice as much? Haha. It should right?
How old now? Curious what kind of reactions you got from both teachers and classmates growing up. Im 24 years old. I graduated college two years ago. Teachers LOVE IT. girls LOVE IT. It has honestly been my pickup line for the last few years.
I was treated like every other kid in the class.
How exactly does that pickup line work? I just don't see it... Pickup line is the wrong word. I usually just tell a girl within the first few minutes of meeting them that my "moms" do or said something interesting or funny. this leads to "moms?" which leads to success. sometimes...
If I heard you say "moms," I'd be brimming over with curiosity. The part where I stick around to talk is when you will have to pull the magic, though. Yeah. Hopefully I'm interesting enough after that comment. Hopefully...
Were you bullied in school because of this or made fun of? Yeah, at times. I live in a pretty liberal community, LIKE REALLY LIBERAL COMMUNITY, so there was not a lot of bullying, but some.
I'm glad of that...People can be real asshats at times. Sounds like you've done quite well. I do what I can.
How do you feel about the politics surrounding Gay Marriage, specifically the argument made by opponents that same sex couples can't raise a child properly? Well, I graduated a top 50 small liberal arts school, making the deans list the last two years. I work 4 jobs at the moment and most people I meet seem to like me. I would say that argument is pretty idiotic and uneducated. Almost as idiotic and uneducated as 'gay parents raise gay children...'
Have you ever been in a political discussion of that nature and got to be like, "well, actually".... YES!!! I have had maybe one or two debates with conservatives that had those spurious beliefs. The line "well, my parents are lesbians, and I'm straight" has a lot of clout.
I work 4 jobs at the moment. Holy crap, when do you find time to Reddit? Well, not at the same time!
Is there any actual data on this? I don't have anything against gays, but I hate accepting anecdotal evidence, especially when any potential variance is likely to be subtle and sporadic. All I can give is my story. My story alone repudiates the categorical claim: "same sex couples can't raise a child properly." Agreed?
My point is that you believe that same-sex parents are just as good as mixed-sex parents because that was a value you were raised with, not because it is necessarily true. That and because I have experienced it. I also know several other same sex couples with kids and they turned out great. So no, it is likely true because based on who I know, same sex families from Oregon with upper-middle class backgrounds, tend to raise perfectly fine children. Based not solely on my opinion, but on my experience, I would wager that same sex couples are equally successful at rearing children as mixed sex couples.
Are you still in contact with the 'friend' who was the donor? Do you refer to him as family? HELLLLL NO. Sperm Donor. In his emails, he wants me to call him "dad." I don't have a father. I have two mothers. I do have a sperm donor, that's him. I have emailed him a handful of times over the last few years. never any real interest in getting to know him. the comments below go into more detail.
As someone who's currently donating sperm to a lesbian couple, I find your comment very disheartening. Will my child someday dismiss me as nothing but a sperm donor? Makes me second guess my decision. If you attempt to take full custody behind the lesbian family's back the child will not be fond of you. You must understand it is their child not yours. It is great that you are donating, but understand your role: a donor. I'm sure you are a great guy, the experience with my donor ended on a bad note, but that does not mean that your experience will be similar to his. Hope this helps and you are doing a laudable thing.
Thanks for responding. It helps a little. Our agreement is that I will be known as dad and will be involved in the child's life, though I will not have custody. But your story is a good warning to me: one mistake might ruin a relationship. I hope someday you can forgive your 'donor'. It's not a matter of forgiveness, I just have no connection to him. I did not know him for almost all the entirety of my conscious life.
I would strongly implore you to right out a contract on paper with the lesbian moms to ensure that you all agree on the amount of time you will have with your offspring. Seriously, the cloudiness of my parents' agreement with my donor was probably the main problem.
At first it was understood how much time he would have, but he kept asking for more and more time. He kept wanting me to spend the weekend at his farm. I did not want to do that because when I was younger it sounded boring. He could not accept that I did not want to spend time with him, so he sued. Hope these posts clarify a lot. and I again urge you to understand that you are making two women extremely happy.
Has it made you extremely good with women? I mean you were sort of surrounded by women growing up so you have a behind enemy lines so to speak view. Firstly, Yes. I can sweet-talk a middle aged woman better than anyone I know. Girls my age love it when I tell them my parents are lesbians.
Do you think you aren't very masculine because of this? There is a great line in Fight Club about we are a society of men raised by women. Do you feel you have more feminine behaviors/characteristics having been raised only by women and not having a male role model? Secondly, I played football and basketball in high school. You would probably describe me as pretty masculine-certainly you would not say that I am feminine. Remember, all my friends were boys. I had a lot of male influence from my friends growing up. I can't fix anything and I don't know the first thing about cars if you want to call that a "feminine behavior."
Biggie Or Tupac? The flow side of me says Biggie, the west coast in me says Tupac. Biggie.
Do you still get turned on by other lesbians? Like girl on girl porn? And I'll be fine if you don't want to answer. This may sound unusual, but I don't think of my parents in a sexual way. Pornography does not remind me of my parents. To flip the question: do you think about your parents when you watch heterosexual porn?
I just wanted to let you know that, when it comes to lawyer couples who work together, I know your feel bro. Do you think that two attorney parents has made it easier or harder to argue with them or other people? I always got cross-examined when I was in trouble. FUCK, always. Somehow my lie would unravel and I would end up contradicting myself.
I feel sorry for my future children. Both my boyfriend and I are law students ... Good god. WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE!
Has this influenced your sexual orientation at all? I'm straight. I have a girlfriend. Sexual orientation is biologically determined, completely.
Did you ever have "The sex talk" with your moms? That was awful. They would get their male friends to talk with me sometimes. My moms got me a book and told me to read it. They should have talked to me more about sex, honestly. I just remember it being awkward, but I do not think that had anything to do with their gender, just I felt awkward about it.
How did your moms decide which one would conceive and carry you? I feel like that's an awfully hard decision to make. You know, I don't know the answer to that. I never asked them. Sorry, some obvious questions I just have not thought to ask.
Actually interested - sorry if it's invasive, but any way you could ask them? I think that it was just understood that one mom wanted to do it and the other did not. I don't really want to have that heavy convo right now. hope my answer sheds some light.
A little personal, but curious, have you been part of a study? So far random ones have been done, they show some difference between other males. Usually heightened levels of compassion, and dedication towards things. Never been apart of a study. Never knew any existed, really. I think I have strong levels of compassion and love. This is totally my opinion and has no factual basis, but compared to my friends, I think I am more balanced than the average male. Totally subjective.
Do you feel the above is accurate for you? Also, I am pretty open and expressive. I have no problem telling people I love them whether it's a girlfriend or a family friend or a friend. But maybe that's just how I am.
One day my partner and I are going to be moms together. What advice do you have from us from the child perspective? Have two children, at least. I really wish I had a sibling. Explain things to your child at a young age. AND GET LEGAL CUSTODY FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, if possible. my parents are both lawyers and figured it out, but I think it is important. if you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer!
Was the mother who supplied the egg also the mother who carried you? Yes.
I also wanted to say I love your username. Hummus is amazing. BOOYAHH!! God I love humus. Israel has the best stuff.
I've never been to Israel. I will have to go there to try it. But seriously, last night I was at a conference and they ran out of vegetarian meals, so I went to the hotel restaurant and got pita and hummus to go and brought it back to the fancy dinner. Best decision I ever made. It was so nom. BEST DECISION EVER!!!! haha.
Considering my life is pretty mundane and uneventful, I do say so myself. Hummus is always a good decision. Is that sad at all? Is pure, unadulterated garbanzo/tahini pleasure sad? No way. You, simadam are the antithesis to mundane.
Were your moms' friends with your biological father before he filed the court petition. What I'm asking is, did you meet him? are you still in contact with him? I was in weekly contact with him until I was in the second grade. I then stopped seeing him. I asked my parents a few weeks later why I wasn't seeing him anymore and they explained. I have not spoken with him since. He has attempted to get in contact with me my whole life. emails, bday presents, showing up randomly at my basketball games. Trying like hell to get in contact with me. Never really had much desire to talk to him.
Just out of curiosity, why not? I mean I know he didn't raise you...but he's biologically related to you (and also was a friend of your Mom's). Why not not give him a chance to get to know you, since it seems like he so desperately wanted to? I don't know. I wish I could give you a better answer. To interrogate my feelings a little more,my parents find him abhorrent after what he did to them. That's one reason. How would you feel about someone who wronged your parents? Biology is less tangible than constant parental contact. I honestly just don't think about it that often. Sometimes I want to meet him, then I forget about it. 10 months later I remember. Not something that's a priority.
Do you have a fun mom and a strict mom? (or are they pretty united in parenting you?) If so, in what ways? (I initially wanted to ask which one is which, but I realized I don't know either of them.) Both are somewhat loose. They are lawyers, so when I fuck up, I GOT DRILLED, but overall I would say they let me do what I wanted growing up, within reason of course. They gave me a lot of freedom.
So if you wanted something, is there one you asked first? For me as a Kid if I wanted something I asked Dad, he just says sure. Mom always said maybe I would go to one mom and say the other said it was fine if I do this, but to ask you first. This manipulative trick usually worked.
Did people in school act differently towards you because you had lesbian parents or did not many know? I have a close friend who was raised by two men and I've never seen any hate towards him, so I was wondering what it was like where you grew up. My community is so liberal, I do not remember any weird parent-to-parent interactions.
What is your favorite kind of cheese? Goat cheese.
My aunt is a lesbian who is trying to adopt. Good for you! did growing up with 2 moms change how you view different aspects of society? (sorry for poor grammar, on my phone) Maybe, I definitely am a staunch supporter of gay/lesbian rights and women's rights. I feel like I can talk with gay men more easily because I have gay parents.
How were things like learning to shave, etc and things handled? Did they teach you or was it like an organic learning experience? SHAVING-bloody first experience haha. I learned quickly, to say the least. good question. organic is a good word for it. I don't remember having any other issues besides that.
How is the relationship with the sperm donor now? I have not spoken with my donor in years. He emailed me a few years ago and I responded. I honestly just get bored and forget about him. It is just not something I care about very much. This is surprising to most people. the biological connection is less tangible than the human connection of having two parents in your daily life.
Lesbians? In OREGON??? Shocking, I KNOW.
What do your guy friends think? The ones that have come over to your house. Have you brought a girlfriend home? What did she think? My guy friends could care less. I don't think they spend time thinking about it. My girlfriend finds it intriguing. Every girlfriend I have ever had thought I was more attractive because I had lesbian parents. Definitely helped me in the romance dept.
Why are people offering to buy you beers? It's strange because the tone of your post is "I'm a regular guy, just like the rest" but people are treating you pretty atypically. Just curious. The answer is buried soooo deep in this thread it is hard to find. People are offering to buy me beers because I am moving to Portland in a few months and I don't know too many people that live there. One person offered to buy me a beer and then more people did the same. It was more of a friendly gesture to someone moving to a new place than anything else.
Did you learn to shake when you're done peeing? How? If you're uncircumcised, how did you learn to clean yourself, or did your moms cover? Jewish. I figured that whole thing out. It's pretty intuitive.
How would you feel if you dated a woman with two mums also? MUM OVERLOAD. JESUS. They would probably love me and I would probably know exactly how to sweet talk them. but yeah, mumverload!!!
How do you feel about derogatory use of the word gay and about homophobia in general? I don't like it when people use homophobic rhetoric. If someone uses it once, I usually ignore it instead of making a big stink; however, if someone uses a term like that in excess, then I usually say something. The best line I have come up with is simply, "Your homophobic rhetoric is offensive, will you please stop?" That usually stops someone in his/her tracks.
I havn't read through all the Q/A's but I just wanted to ask if you ever got to meet your real father and if you have, how did that feel? I have not since I was in maybe 2nd grade or so. My sperm donor has made many attempts at contacting me, but I am just not very interested in meeting someone who is a stranger to me. DNA is less tangible than consistent contact with a parental figure.
You mentioned in this AMA that you would've liked to have had a sibling. I was wondering if it would mean anything or be any different to you if the sibling was adopted or biological? Impossible to say, I never had a sibling so I would not know what an adopted or biological sibling would feel like. I imagine that it would not matter.
Did your moms make you a lesbian? FOR THE LAST TIME, THEY MADE ME A THESPIAN!!
I would like to officially acknowledge and commend you for your correct apostrophe use. Keep up the good work, young man! Thank you. I'm typing so fast I must be making a myriad of errors. I graduated college and not university of Phoenix.
As a lesbian with a partner whose name is very similar to mine - I often wonder what we will do about this when the time comes! Yeah, it is what it is, confusing. momma and mommy worked well in early childhood.
In my mind, the novelty of two chicks going at it plays heavily into the hotness. Knowing that your parents are two chicks going at it every night might temper that novelty factor. We need to study this further, for science! You, sir, are a gentleman and schola- oh, wait, fuck, you're an idiot.
So its basically the same as having different sex parents. You would have to be close friends with me for some time to notice anything about me that you might construe as because I had same sex parents. So, the answer to your question is YES.
I don't know who you are but I'm proud of you. I don't know who you are either, but I'm sure I would be proud of you too.
I honestly don't get why people are hung up on the biological / non-biological point. I wouldn't suddenly hate gay people if I found out it was definitely a choice, or definitely a genetic trait, or an environmental factor, or whatever. It's just people using 'reason' to disguise how they feel. Ahh, but that is the problem. You differ from others who see choosing homosexuality as a horrific choice for humanity. Affirming the point that it is innately determined closes that argument. I'm glad you feel the way you do!
JESUS. They would probably love me and I would probably know exactly how to sweet talk them. but yeah, mumverload!!! Can I get an upvote for mumverload???
Man, I'm 23 and have a father and I still don't know how to shave and wipe myself. HINT: One requires more strokes whereas the other needs less.
I'm in portland. I'm downtown pretty much every day. I'll buy you a beer sometime if you like. AWESOME. Thanks. Maybe afterward, I will buy you a beer too.
Pretty sure you'll never see this but I was friends with you back in the day (like beginning of elementary school I think). I had a hunch from the title and the Crest reference pretty much sealed it. Anyways, glad to hear that you're doing well! :) Who are you!!! message me.
Hey man. I had no idea you were on reddit. We met when you came to visit Sam in college. I sent you a message to verify.
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